September 9, 2020 – X Agency Darwin Liu and Work-At-Home Cait Lockwood

September 9, 2020 – X Agency Darwin Liu and Work-At-Home Cait Lockwood

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Darwin Liu – Founder and CEO at X Agency

When I was starting the company, I did everything I could
to seem different, special, or whatever! 

Darwin Liu is a digital marketer who runs a very successful invite-only marketing agency called X Agency. After graduating college in 2008, Darwin googled “how to get rich online” and discovered online marketing. After many failures, he found an entry level job at a digital marketing agency. For the next 6 years, Darwin worked hard to achieve his entrepreneurial goals by becoming the fastest promoted in the company. He was then running strategy for the largest accounts for the agency, which managed over $50M in annual spending. During these 6 years, Darwin established himself as a name within the industry. In June 2017, he left the company and started his own marketing agency, X Agency. Drawing from his experience in the field of digital marketing, Darwin focused his attention on growing his agency, which broke 7 figures in under a year and now has over 15 employees. Darwin also founded AmericanBully, an online company that sells premium apparel and accessories for Bully breeds.

Cait Lockwood – Founder of Work-at-Home School and Proofread Anywhere

The first step in breaking free is realizing that you are stuck
and have to back free.

Cait Lockwood, formerly known as Caitlin Johanna Pyle, founded Proofread Anywhere back in 2011. Cait’s passion for proofreading started when she studied abroad in Germany for a year in college and would help students proofread their college essays. She took her general proofreading skills to the next level when she got into proofreading transcripts for court reporters back in 2012. Cait was so good at spotting errors, she became known as Eagle Eyes. People kept asking more questions about how she was earning over $40K per year from proofreading, so she started the now stellar course Proofread Anywhere to answer those questions. Through her hard work, Cait’s business continued to grow and she became a multimillionaire in four years. Cait believes she’s here to help others live in the fullness of love, joy, and peace, so she’s on a mission to help people create the life they want. Cait is also the author of Work at Home: The No-Nonsense Guide to Avoiding Scams and Generating Real Income from Anywhere, where she provides readers with a 30-day launch plan to help them start earning real work-at-home income by this time next month.