September 24, 2012 – Zig Zag to Profit with Rich Christiansen

September 24, 2012 – Zig Zag to Profit with Rich Christiansen

Guest: Rich Christiansen, Serial Entrepreneur and Author of The ZigZag Principal

Rich ChristiansenI recommend The ZigZag Principal, so was excited Rich agreed to be our guest today. The book argues that new companies should not go straight toward their goal, but find a profitable zig, first step that helps you get to that goal. Rich has founded or co-founded 33 business, each with less than $10K. Of those, 11 were complete failures, but 12 have become multimillion-dollar companies. He describes himself as “a perfectly good technology executive turned entrepreneur” from his time at Mitsubishi Electric,, and Novell. The book was a USA Today bestseller.

What you will learn:

  • The simplicity of a straight line can be seductive. But it’s not a realistic way to go about achieving your goals because you will always come upon unexpected obstacles in the road.
  • Zigzagging is a law of nature. Imagine hiking straight up a mountain face or skiing straight down a mountain. Either will put you in danger, but if you zigzag, you can get to your destination safely.
  • Zigzagging requires you to be nimble and flexible, to “bootstrap,” and to be able to take advantage of multiple opportunities.
  • Rich has spent his time in the trenches with more than 30 of his own businesses refining this model for success.
  • The three major components of zigzagging are:
    • Drive to profitability
    • Add processes and resources
    • Add a scale element
    • By zigzagging with your business, you will increase your odds of success and be able to find balance in your business life and personal life.

Great stuff, enjoy.