September 10, 2012 – Gutter Guard Founder and Radio Host Alan Butler

September 10, 2012 – Gutter Guard Founder and Radio Host Alan Butler

Guest: Alan Butler, Founder Gutter Guard and Radio Host on AM 1190, “Butler on Business”

alanbutlerAt age 20, with a ladder and $50 Alan Butler started Gutter Guard, and he borrow both of those. After 26 years of adding products and other manufacturing companies to his portfolio of enterprises, he sold the company. He retired from manufacturing in 2000 but is currently working on a couple of new inventions. Alan has “about a dozen” patents.

Currently Alan hosts his own daily radio show from 10am to noon, originating from WAFS 1190 AM. Called “Butler on Business,” the show features Alan’s own unique brand of business insight and political anger.

Alan was born and raised in Atlanta, graduated from Castle Heights Military Academy and attended Georgia State University before dropping out after a few months to devote his energies to manufacturing and selling gutter guards throughout the country. He loves SEC football, especially Tennessee.  He is married and has two children.

Topics that came up in the interview:

  • Is college good for everyone?
  • Marrying an entrepreneur.
  • What it feels like to sell a kid, or a company.
  • The political failure of both parties, especially with respect to small businesses.
  • Deducting expenses.
  • Going 10 years without taking a single day off.
  • The importance of SKUs to Home Depot and other big boxes.
  • The value of hard work.

Great stuff.

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