December 5, 2016 – Selling Backwards Brian Burns & Spiritual Evolution Dr. Daniel Houtman

December 5, 2016 – Selling Backwards Brian Burns & Spiritual Evolution Dr. Daniel Houtman

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Brian Burns – Host of “The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling Podcast” & Author of The Maverick Selling Method

After spending twenty plus years selling enterprise software for 12 VC backed start-ups, Brian Burns now works with a handful of companies. Working with the leadership teams, he helps dominate their market segments. His approach is based on an exhaustive study of hundreds of BIG deals across several industries and geographies, and what he had discovered is that the majority of salespeople are Selling Backwards. Selling Backwards means that the focus is on the wrong thing. Instead of obsessing on messaging, positioning, presentations, demonstrations and closing, what is really effective is matching the sales process with the prospect’s decision process. What he had found is that the salespeople that still embrace the old-school dogma of relying on relationships, one-on-one selling skills and aggressively pushing their prospects are as obsolete as Palm Pilots. He teaches what is going on inside the prospect’s organization and how they make product selections. Brian then shows salespeople how to guide and control the decision and how to keep the process moving.

Brian BurnsBrian Burns

Dr. Daniel Houtman – Healer, Counselor, Teacher, Speaker & Author of Exploring Blocks To Spiritual Development: Navigating Your Way To Happiness 

Dr. Daniel Houtman is an international renowned Healer, Counselor, Teacher and Speaker. Known as “The Spirit Doctor,” Dr. Houtman has dedicated his life to being of service to others using Energy and Spiritual solutions. He has helped thousands of people find health and happiness in their lives. Born in the New York, Dr. Houtman now makes his home in Australia where he developed the first Emotional Social Well Being Counseling Program for Aboriginal Health Services in the Northern Territory, and the first Counseling program for the Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation Northern Territory. It was through education consisting of a mix of formal and practical learning experiences that lead the way for Dr. Houtman to earn a Doctorate of Oriental Medicine from the Tai Hsuan Foundation World Medicine Institute in Hawaii.
Daniel HoutmanDaniel Houtman

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