January 13, 2021 – Art of Selling Your Business John Warrillow and Radical Collaboration Jim Tamm

January 13, 2021 – Art of Selling Your Business John Warrillow and Radical Collaboration Jim Tamm

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John Warrillow – Founder of The Value Builder System

Once you start a company, and certainly once you make the decision
to raise capital, you need to start thinking about the exit options.
Who are the most likely buyers?

John Warrillow is the Founder and President of The Value Builder System™, a cloud-based assessment tool that business owners use to assess the sellability of their company. John is also the Host of Built To Sell Radio, ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the world’s 10 best podcasts for business owners. Before founding The Value Builder System™, John started and exited four companies, including one acquired by a public company. John is the author of the bestselling book, Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You, which was recognized by both Fortune and Inc. magazine as one of the best business books of 2011 and subsequently translated into 12 languages. Since then, an entire tribe of owners has flocked to Warrillow’s new way of thinking, making Built to Sell essential reading for any aspiring entrepreneur. John’s latest book and the last in a trilogy on building value, The Art of Selling Your Business: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks for Exiting on Top, provides a sleeves-rolled-up action plan for selling your business at a premium by an author with consummate credibility.

Jim Tamm – President of Radical Collaboration Group 

There is nothing that will help you become more effective at
resolving conflict and building collaboration more than
better managing our own defensiveness.

Jim Tamm is a former judge and adjunct law professor, President of RC Group with training partners in 18 countries, an author, and an expert in building collaborative workplace environments. Jim is one of the designers and original faculty members of a highly successful training program designed to enhance collaborative work environments in California school systems, a program that was underwritten by the Hewlett and Stuart Foundations. He has mediated over 1,500 employment disputes, including more school labor strikes than any other individual in the nation. Jim has a diverse client base of international organizations ranging from the United Nations, NASA, Toyota and Boeing, the US Army and Navy, to universities, financial institutions, pharmaceuticals, and toy companies. His book, Radical Collaboration: Five Essential Skills to Overcome Defensiveness and Build Successful Relationships, has been on Amazon’s top-seller lists for organizational psychology and collaboration books for much of the past nine years.