October 16, 2017 – Sales Leadership Glenn Mattson, Accessory Queen Kelly Carroll Burgin, and Cryptonomex Dylan Howard

October 16, 2017 – Sales Leadership Glenn Mattson, Accessory Queen Kelly Carroll Burgin, and Cryptonomex Dylan Howard

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Glenn Mattson – President of Mattson Enterprise Inc., a Sandler Training® Firm

Glenn Mattson is a veteran of the selling profession. He built one of the largest and best respected franchises for Sandler Training. His office has  consistently ranked in the top 1% of trainers world-wide, specializing in sales and management productivity and effectiveness. The firm conducts workshops, corporate programs and one on one sessions for executives, business owners or individuals who are in the sales or management role. His specialty is helping producers, specifically those in the financial service industry, grow their sales to the next level and to correct the underlying issues that can unravel any team of salespeople. Glenn knows if you understand the “Why” you can overcome the “How.” He has spoken at the prestigious MDRT and the Court of the Table, and having worked at every level of the industry, Glenn can teach what sales managers can do to get maximize their teams and how salespeople can escape the “head trash” that keeps them from excelling.
Glenn MattsonGlenn Mattson

Kelly Carroll Burgin – Owner at K.Carroll Accessories

K. Carroll Accessories is a woman-owed and operated accessories company. Kelly Carroll Burgin was downsized from her corporate job and used the opportunity to pursue her passion, while creating more balance in her personal life. Fifteen years later, the company has been featured on “Good Morning America” and “The View,” and it was even featured as one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things.” Kelly and her team operate out of a 6,400 square foot facility outside of Detroit. The company started as a traveling boutique focused on trunk show fundraisers, bringing “the boutique to you.” Now with an expanded product line and an e-commerce site, the wholesale business spans all 50 states. Their bags are designed with both style and purpose. In addition to being trend aware and fashionable, they always try to offer a little more. For example, the Secure Style line has a built-in identity theft protective lining and their Portable Purse Power products have built in chargers.
Kelly Carroll BurginKelly Carroll Burgin

Dylan Howard – Chief Operations Officer of Cryptonomex Inc.– Read interview highlights here

Dylan Howard is spearheading the 1 Billion Hero Challenge. As Co-Founder, he is coordinating the plan to to invite 1 Billion fans and supporters into a new prosperous economic system that will far exceed Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. They hope to increase speed and humanitarian impact throughout the world. Dylan is part of the driving force behind Bitshares and Sovereign HERO. Cryptonomex provides software development services to meet the growing demand for custom, high-performance blockchains and related technology. Their engineers have designed and built one of the most advanced blockchain platforms on the market, capable of processing over 100,000 transactions per second with an average confirmation time of less than 1 second.
Dylan HowardDylan Howard

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