January 27, 2021 – AgencyFlare Founder James Harper, Bonjoro Matthew Barnett and Quick 10!

January 27, 2021 – AgencyFlare Founder James Harper, Bonjoro Matthew Barnett and Quick 10!

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James Harper – Founder of AgencyFlare

You should not be a sales person that puts on a sales hat.
Sales is not something you do. Sales is who you are. 

James Harper is the Founder of AgencyFlare, a gritty outbound sales agency that has learned to “punch above their weight class” when it comes to outbound sales. When James was a teenager, his step-father told him to get a sales job because James could sell anything. Fifteen years later, James realized that sales was actually his calling. Since 2015, James has sold over $3.5 million worth of B2B marketing services and has sold two companies that were both 100% bootstrapped from the ground up. Through his career, James noticed a major lack of quality sales companies that focused on cold prospecting and lead-generation that also had a passion for providing true actionable B2B sales content: and thus, AgencyFlare was born. The team that James has built at AgencyFlare is small, but dynamic and they’re in love with the dirty work of sales and obsessed with the hustle, chase, and
ultimately, the conversion of closing more deals

Matthew Barnett – Founder of Bonjoro

It was side hustle that suddenly over 18 months that
overtook the original agency

Matthew Barnett started Bonjoro, a personal video email platform, and has grown to 40,000 users in just 3 years. Their mission is to help businesses build robust relationships with customers through better customer experiences. At a core level, it’s about helping brands succeed in the long term through building relationships and creating a word-of-mouth flywheel. Personal video uses personalization to make your brand stand out.