June 24, 2014 – Business Person of the Year Ryan Turner & Wells Fargo’s Sean Mabey & the Redskins Trademark Issue

June 24, 2014 – Business Person of the Year Ryan Turner & Wells Fargo’s Sean Mabey & the Redskins Trademark Issue

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Ryan Turner – Founder & CEO at Unsukay Community of Businesses (Muss & Turner’s, Local Three, Common Quarter) – Highlight Here

Ryan Turner is founding partner of the Unsukay Community of Businesses. He opened Muss & Turner’s in February of 2005, Local Three in late 2010, Eleanor’s in 2012 and in October 2013 launched Common Quarter. In 2011, Ryan and his partners won Restaurateurs of the Year from the Georgia Restaurant Association. His foundation, The Giving Kitchen Initiative, serves those in the restaurant community facing hardship and crisis. He was recently named the 2014 Business Person of the Year by the Metro Atlanta Chamber (MAC).


Sean Mabey – Director of Small Business Strategy and Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank  

Sean Mabey has been a frequent and great guest. He is the Director of Small Business Strategy at Wells Fargo and wakes up everyday ‘always thinking about small business.’ Today, Sean is with us to talk about the new $100 billion set aside by Wells Fargo for small businesses. And he talks about the Wells Fargo $25,000 Small Business contest, with a deadline soon. Apply now!!
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Redskin’s Trademark Wars

We normally avoid politics around here like the plague! Just tell us what the rules are and entrepreneurs will play the game. We just want to know the rules. And it seems like the rules were changed last week when the US Patent and Trademark Office revoked the Redskin’s Football team trademark. We have two repeat guests with us to shed some light on the story, a politics expert and a lawyer. Alan Butler is the Founder of our home network, The Liberty Express Radio Network, and hosts Butler on Business every weekday morning. Vincent Russo was on the show a week ago to talk about the Georgia crowd funding exemption law, a law he wrote himself.

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