December 13, 2013 – B2B Mkting Russell Glass & TopSpot SEO Dorian Chase

December 13, 2013 – B2B Mkting Russell Glass & TopSpot SEO Dorian Chase

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Russell Glass –  Founder and CEO at Bizo 

Russell Glass is Founder and CEO of Bizo, a B2B audience marketing and data platform. He has grown Bizo from founding in 2008 to $40m in revenue with over 100 employees. Prior to Bizo, Russell founded or held senior positions at four venture-backed companies. Bizo helps B2B marketers identify and reach their target audiences, more than 120 million viewers around the world. The platform precisely targets business people by specific business criteria. The company has earned the confidence of more than 750 SMB marketers and AMEX, Mercedes Benz,,, Porsche, Microsoft, AT&T, and UPS. Quite a customer list!

Russell talks about Bizo….

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Dorian Chase – CEO of TopSpot SEM 

Dorian Chase is with us to tell the exciting story of TopSpot SEM. He founded the company that has grown to a team of 6 and offers a full service mix of Online Marketing and Consulting, with a specialization in Search Marketing. Since 2008, TopSpot and Dorian have been providing quality and powerful SEO services for small to medium sized businesses. Dorian and I will talk best practices and he gives some great tips for all us do-it-yourself SEO-ers out there.

Some more great SEO advice……


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