July 6, 2020 – Rules of Chutzpah Uri Adoni and Stressless Success Janet McKee

July 6, 2020 – Rules of Chutzpah Uri Adoni and Stressless Success Janet McKee

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Uri Adoni – Managing Director at ManaTech and Author of The Unstoppable Startup

Entrepreneurs need to think like a camel not like a unicorn. Camels
are built for survival in the toughest climates. They can survive without
food and water for a long time, but can still run fast when needed. 

Uri Adoni, Managing Director of ManaTech, is an active angel investor, venture capitalist, and sits on several company boards. He has over 20 years of experience in high-tech and over 12 years of being a partner at Jerusalem Venture Partners Media Labs. Prior to joining JVP, Uri was the CEO of MSN Israel and was one of Israel’s new media pioneers. Uri recently departed from JVP in order to join a US-based real estate entrepreneur, ManaTech, who is developing a new and innovative approach for building local high-tech ecosystems and communities across the US. Uri is also the author of the forthcoming book, The Unstoppable Startup: Mastering Israel’s Secret Rules of Chutzpah, where he goes behind the scenes to explain the principles and practices that can make any startup, anywhere in the world, become an unstoppable one.

Janet McKee – Founder/CEO of SanaView and Best-Selling Author of Stressless Success – Read interview highlights here

Everything is energy and your thoughts and focus create an energy.
How you feel is the energy you are giving off. The energy you give off
creates the response around you.  

Janet McKee is a well-respected keynote speaker, bestselling author, one of only 200 Elite Certified High Performance™ Success Coaches in the world, Member of “National Association of Experts, Writers and Speakers”, and Founder/CEO of SanaView. At SanaView, Janet’s mission is to make it simple to dramatically improve life and health! Janet has created the acclaimed Accelerated High Performance Program and the emPower3 Leadership + Lifestyle Retreats to empower others to break negative patterns and achieve greater success. She is also the Executive Producer of the award-winning documentary, Bethany’s Story, about the healing power of food. As the founder of SanaView, Janet has released her own recipe book titled, Fabulous Recipes for Vibrant Health; and co-authored a best-selling book with Brian Tracy and other experts titled, Ready, Set, Go! She is also the author of the new book, Stressless Success: The Surprising Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose and Prosperitythrough which she inspires others to break negative patterns and achieve greater success.

Highlights from Janet’s Interview

One of the really important points about Stressless is that, it’s possible that a tiny bit of stress is actually going to help your propel. As a matter fact, research has shown that people that view stress as a positive thing don’t get the typical health concerns and other challenges from chronic negative stress. So that’s a viewpoint, and it depends on how you view it. As a matter of fact, when you learn to view your challenges as situations that help fuel desire, to get you off the couch and get you moving forward, to find solutions for a better life, then it can be a positive thing. We all do think and believe that stress is a completely negative connotation. Normally, it is a very harmful thing. That’s why I’ve put so much research behind Stressless Success, because it’s extremely harmful for you, but there is so much that everyone can do to make adjustments, to create better energy that creates more success. That’s the basis of the book.

The attitude difference, the viewpoint, that creates a biological difference. Again, we’ve got the power within us to choose either to focus on everything that’s going wrong, and to create in our minds, situations, that it’s going to be horrible, that things are going to get worse, that the business is never going to recover. We can create these images in our minds that create discomfort in our body, and lead to biological stress such as hyperventilating. Because what happens is when we choose these viewpoints and these attitudes within us, which is what you have the power over, then if you’re choosing dread and disaster as part of your focus and what you’re imagining is going to happen next, then blood drains from your brain; you can no longer think clearly, you then increase inflammation in your body, you suppress your immune system. All of these things begin to happen biologically, which then makes it more difficult to deal with the challenges or the struggles that you’re facing. That leads to that anxiety or that panic attack, which happens for many people.

That’s what’s so empowering, when you learn that you do have that choice within you, no matter what’s happening around you. You can continue to look at everything and say you’re a victim. “I’m a victim of my spouse, my boss, the government, the economy or whatever.” But you’re just giving your power away. When you learn what we’re going to talk about here, about taking your power back and learning that you can make the shift. But let me be clear, too many people out there say, “Oh, you just need to think positively, you need to have a positive mindset.” What I’ve discovered is that is not the answer, when you are truly struggling or upset about something.

So let’s imagine now, I want you to understand that everything is energy. What has been discovered in quantum mechanics, which is a theory in quantum physics, is that everything is energy and your thoughts and your focus create an energy. Just think about how you feel. How do you feel, physically, mentally, emotionally? That is the energy that you’re giving off. What’s been discovered is, the energy that you’re giving off creates the response of what happens around you. So every thought is two sides of the coin. So when you’re thinking a thought, and let’s say you’re very upset about something, you’re very concerned, there’s a lot of fear, a lot of anxiety, and you try to force a positive thought about that subject. Remember, each thought has two sides of a coin. So when you force a positive thought out there, you’re also putting more focus and emphasis on the very thing you’re fearful about or upset about. So when you imagine all these thoughts that are very uncomfortable, like fear, anxiety, dread, guilt, shame, frustration; these are uncomfortable thoughts. Imagine you’re on a ladder and it’s a low rung of a ladder, that’s where you are. You want to get to better feelings and thoughts, which are climbing up the ladder. You can’t leap from a low rung of a ladder to the top rung of a ladder in one thought. If you’re going to leap in one jump, what’s going to happen is you’re going to fall off the ladder and break your leg or worse. So it’s the same idea here with your thoughts and your energy.

So you just want to go one rung at a time, think a slightly better thought that you believe. The reason why it doesn’t feel good when you try to reach for a crazy positive thought that you just don’t believe, it makes you feel uncomfortable, and it’s worse. So it’s just a small thought like, “Well, I’ve been challenged before. I’ve been through challenges in the past and actually I learned something from them. I became stronger and wiser. So I wonder what this current challenge is teaching me or showing me? I am a smart person, I’ve been able to recover from these things in the past.” So you see what I’m doing, I’m just going slightly. But then when you reach the point that feels uncomfortable again, just walk away from the ladder. I want you to learn to do anything and everything to make yourself feel better. Get off the subject that upsets you, and take care of yourself. Make sure you sleep well, drink fresh water, eat real foods; wellness is the foundation. But then do anything, prayer, meditation, dancing to uplifting music, get outside in Mother Nature, walk your dog, do anything that helps you feel better. Because when you do, you get that blood flow back to your brain, you calm down. Then when you revisit the very subject that has you upset, you have clear thinking, and then your energy is more elevated and expanded, and solutions begin to flow to you.

So many people when I first explain this, they say, “Janet, you’re just a Pollyanna and you don’t understand. I’ve been through so many struggles, you don’t understand. I’m in a really bad place, and it’s not that simple.” I’m not saying it’s easy to do, it is actually simple. It’s simple when you begin to practice making these small shifts within you, but I’m not saying it’s easy. It does take some deliberate intent, it does take some focus and intention to say I accept the situation. You’ve got to understand, I’m not just some successful businesswoman that has it all easy, I hit a wall in every area of my life. When you read Stressless Success, you will hear my story. I crashed and burned in every area. I landed in the hospital, almost didn’t make it out alive. My husband locked out on an hour’s notice and left me on the brink of a financial disaster. I hit a wall in every area. It’s because of that, that once I started to recover, I went out around the world and searched for answers. This is what I discovered. It’s not always easy, but when you understand that you’ve got the power within you and it is simple, then it’s just a matter of little by little, playing with this idea that you can make these small shifts within you, and small shifts have a huge outcome.

So I can give you a few examples of these small shifts that I’m talking about. Number one, is you’ve got to take care of yourself. You’ve got to get a good night’s sleep, you’ve got to be hydrated. But as a matter of fact, the stress keeps you up at night. That’s one of the biological things that happens when we allow chronic stress to take over. It will suppress your melatonin, which is your sleep hormone, which helps balance sleep and provide high-quality rest. So the chronic stress, it will affect your sleep. That’s even happened to me. So that’s good to just be aware of it. When you’re aware that you are unable to sleep because your mind’s racing about everything you’re upset about, then you know you just got to keep working on this and get on the path. What happens then is people tend toward the wrong things, they tend toward alcohol or sugar and junk food. But it’s just going to make it worse. If you start paying attention, you’ll notice you feel worse the next day when you do tend toward those things. So if you didn’t sleep well, just get up, get outside, drink fresh water, eat real food, go outside and walk in Mother Nature. When you get daylight, even on a cloudy day, in your eyes and on your face, it helps establish your melatonin, which is your sleep hormone. But again then, I’m just saying the slightest things. So once you’re feeling better because you’re eating healthy and you’re moving your body and you’re breathing fresh air, then just start playing around with being aware, awareness is step one. Be aware of the thoughts you’re choosing, that’s creating this discomfort in your body. I have a whole section of Stressless Success where I talk about this. Get out of your head and into your energy, just focus on how you feel. Because it’s very impossible to control your mind. To completely control your mind 24/7 is a ridiculous thing to ever try to do because it doesn’t work; your mind’s going in a thousand directions. But if you can just be aware of what you’re focusing on that’s making you feel so uncomfortable, and do anything that helps you feel better.

Everybody thinks that they need to stress and struggle more to get to solutions, to get to success, to get to greater levels of their life. Some of us have achieved some success with stress and struggle, but people do not realize that everything is energy. The more stress and struggle, the more you feed fear, you’re putting up walls of resistance. Those walls of resistance are blocking the solutions from coming to you, the ideas and opportunities from coming to you easily. So let’s look at right now, we are all facing a lot of reason to experience stress, to have fear and anxiety. It’s happening all around us. Now is the time to begin to play with this idea.

Let me just give you some really powerful ideas, I believe. We are good people, we are strong people. This country is amazing, the economy was incredibly strong before some of these things started to happen. This is an incredible country filled with incredible people, we are going to get through this. The challenges that we’re facing are fueling the desire for better health, for a better life, for better and a stronger country. This is a brilliant thing that’s happening. Isn’t it exciting that we are living in a time of history? We are making history right now. This country is so strong, it is at its core. It’s these very challenges that are going to make us stronger and wiser and better, we’re going to be better for it. So isn’t that exciting to be living at a time where we’re making history, doesn’t that feel better? We’ve learned and grown from the history. Yes, it’s unpleasant, but think of what we’ve learned when we look at history. Look at what we’ve learned from it and our own personalized, I’m sure everyone has their own personal history; not just the country, your own personal history. What did you learn from issues that you faced in the past, from challenges, from mistakes? I believe there are no mistakes.

So when you begin to look at your past and notice the gifts that were in there hidden, waiting for you to uncover them, you begin to view your past differently. That’s how you change your past when you realize it was there to benefit you. All the bad things put you on the path that became a better path, and you made it a better path. You’ve got the power within you to make it a better path, from this moment forward. You are no longer a victim of what’s happening around you, you’ve got the power within you. In Stressless Success, I explain that and I walk you by your hand through these ideas, that the power is within. Once you make those small shifts, so much happens around you. Think about it. You walk into a meeting, and you’re angry and you’re miserable and you’re frustrated. What kind of a result are you going to get from people? People sense it from you, people have the sixth sense. Imagine, instead, you do the very things we talked about here today. You raise and elevate the way you feel your energy, and you walk into that meeting that could have been a challenging meeting. Guess what happens? Solutions, possibilities, and opportunities are created at that meeting, instead of walls of resistance blocking them.

If you want to learn more about me, JanetMcKee.com. You can learn all kinds of stuff and get some free information. But I have an offer for everyone today, I want you to visit StresslessSuccess.com. Because I’m giving away an immediate download of a free PDF 3-Day Banish Burnout Plan, and you have the option to order a free paperback copy of my book, you just have to pay shipping and handling. So free information is available to everyone immediately to get on your path, to learn and experience what I’ve just shared today at StresslessSuccess.com.