March 9, 2018 – Real Estate Scaler Tarek Morshed, Girl STEM Dr. Cristal Glangchai and Greatness Coached John M. Hawkins

March 9, 2018 – Real Estate Scaler Tarek Morshed, Girl STEM Dr. Cristal Glangchai and Greatness Coached John M. Hawkins

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Tarek Morshed – Austin Platinum 50 Realtor, Entrepreneur, Luxury Specialist and Market Trends Expert

Tarek Morshed is an Austin Platinum Top 50 Realtor and purpose-driven entrepreneur. One of Sotheby’s market leaders, Tarek represents clients buying and selling premiere residential real estate in Central Texas. He works by referral only, and operates as a strategic advisor to his clients, delivering proprietary market analysis and forecasting. His primary market consists of business and community leaders, influencers, high-income earners, and entrepreneurs. Most of his new clients are referred to him by existing clients, who all experience the greatest benefit from his varied skill sets in real estate. Through listening, he learns. And by learning, Tarek was able to craft a strategy around their unique needs and mindset. He wants clients to feel confident in the “real estate aspects” of their lives and consider him as their secret weapon. In addition, Tarek is a partner at GroundFloor Development, which specializes and focuses on building well-conceived urban multifamily housing communities and mixed-use developments to serve and accommodate the growing demand for metropolitan living.
Tarek MorshedTarek Morshed

Dr. Cristal Glangchai – Founder of VentureLab and Author of VentureGirls: Raising Girls to Be Tomorrow’s Leaders

Dr. Cristal Glangchai is a scientist, entrepreneur, and adventurer. Her passion is igniting the entrepreneurial spirit in young girls and inspiring next-generation creative leaders and entrepreneurs. Dr. Cristal is on a mission to develop the next generation of creative leaders and entrepreneurs. Dr. Cristal founded VentureLab to provide an opportunity for kids, especially girls, to learn about the STEM fields and to apply those concepts to create new products and companies. VentureLab was such a success in connecting STEM with entrepreneurship that it has since added programs for boys to learn as well. She speaks about the importance of getting children involved in the STEM at the young age and how science technology education helps to shape an entrepreneurial mindset in kids.
Dr. Cristal GlangchaiDr. Cristal Glangchai

John M. Hawkins – Leader, Technologist, Coach and Author of Coached to Greatness: Unlock Your Full Potential with Limitless Growth

John M. Hawkins is an author, coach, and leader. He is the author of three books: “Coached to Greatness,” “Building a Strategic Plan for Your Life” and “Business and Affinity.” He is currently a Sr. Director at SAP SuccessFactors. John has helped companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, leverage technology in their business. John is a glass-half-full type who is passionate about writing, helping others and giving back to the community. Before SuccessFactors, John was a Vice President of Marketing and Communications for an ‘Edge’ computing company. Before that, he had roles leading services, enablement, training, and technology leadership. John has over 20+ years consulting to fortune 25-500+ companies.
John M. Hawkins

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