April 16, 2015 – Celebrating Legacy Randy Sutton & Bestseller Creator Rob Kosberg

April 16, 2015 – Celebrating Legacy Randy Sutton & Bestseller Creator Rob Kosberg

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Randy Sutton – Movie Actor, President at Celebrating Legacy and Author of The Power of Legacy

Randy Sutton served as a Law Enforcement Officer and Leader with the Princeton Borough Police Dept in New Jersey and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for more than three decades. In Vegas, he is one of the most decorated officers in department history. He has appeared in several feature films including “Casino”, “Fools Rush In” and “Miss Congeniality II”, and in many TV shows such as “COPS”, “Americas” Most Wanted” and “Las Vegas”. He authored three successful books on his police career and a new book called “The Power of Legacy, Personal Heroes of America’s Most Inspiring People”. Randy is a nationally known leadership and ethics speaker and was featured on Fox News as a commentator. He is the host of the new podcast, The Power of Legacy, designed to promote compassion, kindness, honor and integrity. He wants everyone to become “someone’s hero.”
Randy SuttonRandy Sutton

Rob Kosberg – Founder of Best Seller Publishing House, Creating #1 Best Selling Authors Out Of Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Experts and Author of The Masters: Champions of Business

Rob Kosberg is a marketing and brand-building expert. As a #1 best selling author and former syndicated radio show host, Rob knows how to drive book sales. His company, Best Seller Publishing, specializes in helping his clients become the “go to” experts in their respective fields. His trademarked “Publish, Promote, Profit” system can help a speaker, coach, local business owner or author grow their platform. Rob found his publishing expertise when promoting his first book, “Life After Debt.” This book was the culmination of thousands of one to one meetings with normal people, but people deeply in debt. Rob’s clients have landed prestigious speaking engagements, national and local radio and TV segments, book deals and new clients at every level.

Rob KosbergRob KosbergRob Kosberg

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