May 10, 2021 – Radically Ethical Marketing Robin Cangie, Agents of Deceit Rick Green and Edward Jones’ Vanessa Okwuraiwe

May 10, 2021 – Radically Ethical Marketing Robin Cangie, Agents of Deceit Rick Green and Edward Jones’ Vanessa Okwuraiwe

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Robin Cangie – Professional business Trainer & Coach.  

Get to know your ideal client really well and figure out what
it is about you that’s going to make you awesome to them.

Robin Cangie is helping entrepreneurs feel less confused about marketing and land more of the clients they want (without feeling sleazy!). Earlier Robin Cangie was a marketing executive in the San Francisco tech scene. She had a great job at a company she loved and helped build from the ground up. But she also dreamed of being her own boss.  Transitioning to self-employment did not go smoothly. In fact, it was one of the hardest, loneliest decisions she ever made. She felt overwhelmed by conflicting advice and unrealistic promises from freelance thought leaders, and she struggled to market herself and grow her business in a way that felt true to her values. Four years in, Robin has built a thriving business, but she’ll never forget the stress and loneliness of those early days. That’s why she founded The Empowered Freelancer. Now, she spends her time helping fellow entrepreneurs feel less confused and make better decisions about marketing. She teaches them how to market themselves in a way that’s compelling, authentic and totally non-sleazy.

Rick Green – Author of Agents Of Deceit

The tax industry is a five hundred billion dollar year
industry so they aren’t going to go quietly into the

Rick Green, MBA, is a former IRS agent, accounting professor, and auditor in the private sector. He offers practical advice for the individual taxpayer to stand up to the IRS, whether the citizen is filling their annual return or enduring an audit. Rick explains how to file returns that make it easy for the confused IRS to understand, and how to limit the impact and cost of an audit. Finally, Rick uses government documents proving the IRS’ disorganization and increasing ineffectiveness — which the IRS largely ignores. Such IRS chaos and dysfunction demand that it be abolished and replaced by a national sales tax or VAT.

Vanessa Okwuraiwe – Edward Jones Principal 

Pay yourself first! By having a systematic system of saving and
investing, you take the emotion out and stick to your guns in
achieving your financial goals.

Edward Jones Principal Vanessa Okwuraiwe is part of the strategic leadership team that helps the firm achieve its goal of being a place of belonging for all and to fulfill the purpose of making a meaningful impact in the lives of clients, associates and communities. She is responsible for helping the firm increase its representation of different groups and foster engagement and inclusion. Vanessa earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Edo State University in Nigeria, a master’s degree in development economics from the University of Kent in Canterbury and an executive MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. An advocate for economic and educational development, she is active on the board of the St. Louis Community College Foundation and actively engaged in the Arts and Education Council of St. Louis.