April 23, 2019 – Brain.fm Dan Clark, Encounter AI Kabah Conda and Pulitzer Winner Matt Richtel

April 23, 2019 – Brain.fm Dan Clark, Encounter AI Kabah Conda and Pulitzer Winner Matt Richtel

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Daniel Clark – CEO of Brain.fm  

Belief leads and everything else follows it. If you actually don’t
believe you can be successful or create this, its a lot harder!

Daniel Clark is a serial entrepreneur, and the CEO of Brain.fm, an innovative technology company that helps users be more productive through the use of functional music created by composers and artificial intelligence. Daniel has been in love with technology and its potential to positively impact the world for as long as he can remember. From building websites when he was 13, starting a design and advertising business at 18, and driving $2MM in revenue for multinational brands as a director for a boutique ad agency, he has been at the forefront of how technology can exponentially grow successful businesses. One of Brain.fm’s first users, Clark called the company 12 times before they agreed to bring him in for an interview. When he did receive an offer, he jumped at it (even working for free for the first few weeks). He eventually moved up to Head of Technology, and is now the CEO. As CEO, Daniel is constantly striving to build a company that can not only change the world through music, but also be one of the best companies for people to work for and grow with. Daniel has visited over 20 countries across five continents, with plans to set foot on all seven (including Antarctica).

Kabah Conda – Co-founder of Encounter AI

We have built a voice enabled digital assistant that we are
deploying at drive thrus. Think Siri at a drive thru.

Kabah Conda is a co-founder of Encounter AI. Encounter AI is an artificial intelligence company that improves the retail experience. Their first product, Mai, is a voice enabled ordering assistant that compiles customers’ orders instantly via drive-thru, freeing staff to focus on higher value tasks. Mai is the first comprehensive on-premise voice solution for restaurant and retailers.

Matt Richtel – Pulitzer Prize Winning Author of Elegant Defense, An: The Extraordinary New Science of the Immune System: A Tale in Four Lives  

Your health depends on understanding the immune system, and the immune system has become the source of explosive progress and learning, such that it is the center of much medicine and much business.

Matt Richtel is the author of multiple books, including the nonfiction bestseller A Deadly Wandering (William Morrow), and thrillers Dead on Arrival, Doomsday Equation, The Cloud, Devil’s Plaything (all William Morrow), and Hooked (The Twelve). He has an emphasis on writing and thinking about creativity, having authored the NY Times reader guide on finding creativity. He speaks about technology, distraction, and focus on related issues to colleges and at conferences and other events. His emphasis is narrative and story-telling about complex issues, including science, technology and their impact on daily life and policy. In 2010, he won the Pulitzer Prize for national reporting for work on distracted driving, and was nominated by the Times in 2017 for spearheading a series of stories about the rise of obesity around the globe.