August 3, 2018 – 2500 Rental Homes Aaron Edelheit, ShipHero Aaron Rubin and Pro Podcaster Darrell Darnell

August 3, 2018 – 2500 Rental Homes Aaron Edelheit, ShipHero Aaron Rubin and Pro Podcaster Darrell Darnell

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Aaron Edelheit – CEO of The American Home, and Author of The Hard Break: The Case For The 24/6 Lifestyle

Aaron Edelheit is the Chief Executive Officer of The American Home, which owns 2,500 single-family rental homes in the Southeast of the U.S. As CEO, Aaron is responsible for all investment decisions as well as the daily operations of the company. Prior to founding The American Home, Aaron was the Founder and Managing Director of Sabre Value Management, which managed the Sabre Value Fund, a hedge fund focused on value public securities based upon restructurings, turnarounds and special situations. Sabre Value Management is a privately owned hedge fund sponsor. It invests in hedging markets. The firm focuses on special situations investments including small caps, recent spin-offs, recapitalizations, demutualization’s, and other changes in capital structure, early stage restructurings, changes in management and product orientations, and temporary macro factors which create a dislocation in the market. It employs technical analysis to make its investments. Sabre Value Management was founded in 1998 and is based in Santa Barbara, California.
Aaron Edelheit

Aaron Rubin – CEO and Founder of ShipHero

Aaron Rubin is the founder and CEO of ShipHero. Aaron is no stranger when it comes to eCommerce. Since in the early 90’s Aaron has been making money via the internet. Aaron began in such an early age coding and made money during his pre-teen years. After the Success of starting an eCommerce company in college and acquiring knowledge in logistics, Aaron and Nicholas Daniel-Richards teamed up to build an eCommerce shipping and inventory software solution called ShipHero. The goal is to help others in order for them to avoid the same mistakes Aaron made himself.
Aaron RubinAaron Rubin

Darrell Darnell – Owner at Pro Podcast Solutions & Golden Spiral Media

Darrell Darnell began podcasting about the TV show Fringe in 2008 and formed Golden Spiral Media in 2010. Golden Spiral Media now produces 18 podcasts, with plans to add more podcasts. Golden Spiral Media has been nominated for 9 podcast awards including 3 nominations for Best Produced and winning Best Entertainment in 2010. Darrell is a full-time podcast consultant and producer. Through Pro Podcast Solutions Darrell helps other podcasters create professional content and improve their existing podcasts. Darrell offers on-one-one podcast consulting, episode production, voice-overs and narration, custom artwork, podcast publishing, and website configuration. Podcasting is a growing media in both audio and video forms. Many people find that podcasting is a great way to connect with others who share their same passions, interests, challenges, or talents. Podcasting is also a great way to express ideas, knowledge, and experience. As new portable devices continue to flood the market and wireless networks are found in automobiles, coffee shops, airplanes, and remote areas, the technology to reach vast audiences is better now than it ever has been.
Darrell Darnell

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