August 22, 2017 – Serial Entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman, Legal Shield President James Rosseau & Cerkl w. Tarek Kamil

August 22, 2017 – Serial Entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman, Legal Shield President James Rosseau & Cerkl w. Tarek Kamil

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A Greatest Hits Show!

Jeff Hoffman – Serial Entrepreneur, Hollywood Producer, Grammy Winner

Jeff Hoffman…..

  • has been the CEO of both public and private companies,
  • was a part of, CTI, ColorJar, and more,
  • serves on the boards of companies in the US, Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia,
  • is on the board of directors of Global Entrepreneurship Week (supporting entrepreneurship in over 130 countries), the US State Department’s GIST program (Global Innovation through Science and Technology, working in 49 emerging nations), the APEC Startup Initiative (the Asia Pacific Economic Council’s 21-member nation association), and many others,
  • supports the White House, the State Department, and the United Nations on economic growth initiatives and entrepreneurship programs, and
  • is also a Hollywood film producer, the producer of a Grammy winning jazz album, and has produced musical events including concerts, tours, and charity events with Elton John, Britney Spears, and NSYNC.

Jeff Hoffman

James Rosseau Sr. – President of LegalShield Solutions and Author of Success on Your Own Terms: 6 Promises to Fire Up Your Passion, Ignite Your Career, and Create an Amazing Life  

James Rosseau …..

  • has held very senior leadership positions with AllState and JPMorgan Chase,
  • became President of LegalShield about a 2 years ago and was on the show then,
  • also published a book that shows the six actions you need to ignite your career.

LegalShield is an unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to easily get into a business of their own. James We are excited to have James back on the show!

Tarek Kamil – Founder and President of Cerkl

Tarek Kamil …

  • is Founder of Cerkl, a company devoted to fixing the email problem.
  • Entrepreneurs should be sending lots of bulk emails, driving sales.
  • Cerkl allows you to send email communication through personalized newsletters.
  • Cerkl allows the recipient to define who they can’t miss hearing from, what is meaningful to them, the frequency of contact, the time of day they want their information and even what language they want it delivered in.

Tarek KamilTarek Kamil Tarek Kamil

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