January 24, 2014 – Dumbstruck Peter Allegretti & 191 Clothing Girish Karnani

January 24, 2014 – Dumbstruck Peter Allegretti & 191 Clothing Girish Karnani

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Peter Allegretti – Co-founder of Dumbstruck and Co-Founder and Managing Director of Doctored Apps – Highlights here

Peter Allegretti is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Doctored Apps, a cool app development company that you really can’t hire. They are too busy with Dumbstruck, an app they built that is taking over the world. iTunes listed it as a favorite for its ability to record and show you the response of someone that you send a pic or video to. Ever wonder how your friend responded to seeing our pic? Now you can! The company is doing so well that Peter his dropping out of is doctorate program! He was getting his Ph.D. in Informatics at the University at Albany, where he researched mobile human-computer interaction, whatever that is! Congrats Peter!

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Girish Karnani – CEO of 191 Unlimited and Founder of 1 Voice Beanie – Highlights here

Girish Karnani is CEO of 191 Unlimited, a premium menswear and boys clothing brand. They have international distribution with online sales and through better specialty and department stores around the world. The stories of where the company name came from, Vegas baby!, and how they got their first 150 clients are amazing. Two of the best entrepreneurship stories ever, you will love them both. Girish has also just started a hat company that has built-in wi-fi headphones, so no wires needed to hear your music and stay warm.  Great stuff.


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