February 7, 2019 – Black History Month – Paralysis to Purpose David Cooks and Perfect Pitches Precious Williams

February 7, 2019 – Black History Month – Paralysis to Purpose David Cooks and Perfect Pitches Precious Williams

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David Cooks  – Author of Getting Undressed: From Paralysis to Purpose, Businessman, Educator and Speaker  

I am going to hire someone local and pay them $15 a hour.

Everybody has to take the same route to success. There is nobody that gets a shortcut.  

David Cooks has been with us before. He shared his journey of how he discovered purpose in the midst of personal tragedy by taking something extremely personal and making it memorable in his book, “Getting Undressed: From Paralysis to Purpose.” At 15, David, a high school sophomore and passionate basketball player, experienced a spinal aneurysm leaving him as a T-6 paraplegic. Refusing to let the wheelchair control his life, David made the decision to persevere from the very beginning. He has coached at Duke University, working with Hall of Fame coach Mike Krzyewski and also spent time as an assistant basketball coach at Concordia College in Mequon, Wisconsin. David is the founder of David Cooks Enterprises, a speaking, coaching and training organization helping businesses and individuals put their purpose into action with clarity on teamwork, leadership and communication.

Precious Williams – Founder and CEO of Perfect Pitches by Precious 

If I break through, then other people will break through too. All they need to
do is see it. If you keep allowing people to tell what the statistics say, you
break the mold.  Break the mold. 

Precious L. Williams, is a 13-time elevator pitch champion who has sold her services to Fortune 500 companies with great success. Her company, Perfect Pitches by Precious is helps clients solve their pitching, presentation, and communication challenges. Her clients, as well as Precious, have appeared on “Shark Tank,” The Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC, and MSNBC for the power of the “killer” pitch. Second to none, Perfect Pitches understands what it takes to create the perfect pitch and presentation for any occasion. Since 2013, they have researched the needs of her clients as well as their target market, and approach them appropriately, yet boldly and confidently.