December 10, 2020 – Role Model Ken Auer, Penny’s Charlotte DeMocker and Tort Reform Tiger Joyce

December 10, 2020 – Role Model Ken Auer, Penny’s Charlotte DeMocker and Tort Reform Tiger Joyce

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Ken Auer – Founder and CEO of RoleModel Software

We don’t do fixed cost, fixed budget, projects. We come up with
a ball park budget and manage it together. 

Ken Auer is the Founder and Master Craftsman of RoleModel Software, a software development company that works with their clients to turn their expertise and innovative concepts into reality by crafting custom software tailored to their businesses. Ken founded and bootstrapped RoleModel Software in 1997, where he currently leads a team of 30 to a $5 million ARR. He is well-known for his expertise in the practical application of object technology, and has been a frequent speaker and workshop leader at various industry conferences for nearly fifteen years. Introduced as the Father of Software Craftsmanship at the first Software Craftsmanship North America conference, Ken also founded the RoleModel Software Craftsmanship Academy for training the next generation of software craftsmen. Ken’s first book, co-authored with colleague Roy Miller, Extreme Programming Applied: Playing to Win! received excellent reviews, as he explained how to practically apply the principles of Extreme Programming (XP) in the real world. As a subject-matter-expert in the sport of ninja-warrior style obstacle-course racing, Ken was also the catalyst for Ninja Master software; the premiere SaaS for coordinating and running ninja-warrior style obstacle course races and leagues.

Charlotte DeMocker – Co-Founder and COO at Penny Technologies Inc.

Penny is a free audio streaming app that simplifies financial
literacy so every American can improve their understanding
and mastery of their money. 

Charlotte DeMocker is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Penny, an exciting digital media startup that launched during the pandemic and seeks to help ordinary people master their money. After starting her career as an analyst at a top investment bank, Charlotte realized that the financial system was rigged in favor of the wealthy, even as millions of talented people perpetually struggle to get ahead despite working hard. Armed with these insights, she sought to find a better way to demystify money for the many, and not the few. She knew, from first hand experience, that millennials were not getting financial education in traditional school, and believed that was the first step to solving the problem. Charlotte is now determined to change the way Americans think about money. Penny, an innovative audio streaming mobile app, features the stories of real and relatable people who have been through their fair share of financial ups and downs, and who are ordinary people that didn’t have advantages or privilege to help them succeed.

Sherman “Tiger” Joyce – President of American Tort Reform Foundation

The total cost of the U.S. tort system is
approximately $373.1 billion as of 2019.

The 2020-2021 Judicial Hellholes report ranks nine Judicial Hellholes while shining a light on lawsuit abuse and its effects on small business. ATRF is a District of Columbia nonprofit corporation, founded in 1997. The primary purpose of the Foundation is to educate the general public about how the American civil justice system operates; the role of tort law in the civil justice system; and the impact of tort law on the private, public and business sectors of society.