March 3, 2016 – OutManeuver Jeffrey Phillips & Female Equity Carlynne McDonnell

March 3, 2016 – OutManeuver Jeffrey Phillips & Female Equity Carlynne McDonnell

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Jeffrey Phillips – Co-Author of OutManeuver 

Jeffrey Phillips leads a strategy and innovation practice at OVO Innovation. Before OVO he has led strategic marketing and sales teams in software and consulting companies. Jeffrey is a recognized thought leader in innovation, and has published three books on innovation, including Relentless Innovation. He has consulted in the US and Western Europe, and led training programs and workshops in the Middle East, South Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.
Jeffrey Phillips

Carlynne McDonnell – Author of The Every Woman’s Guide to Equality: How achieving real equality will change women’s lives forever!

Carlynne McDonnell has been a passionate and outspoken proponent of social justice and equality for over 25 years. She has worked in fields considered non-traditional for women and has personally seen and been on the receiving end of inappropriate and unequal/inequitable behavior. In two of the industries in which she worked, male workers made sexual harassment and discrimination, and in some cases extremely inappropriate behavior, an art form. Over the years, even with all of her experiences in the corporate, community activist and non-profit worlds she became frustrated at the ongoing negativity towards women by politicians and the media, and felt that there was a need to do more than what was being done. She created Change In Our Lifetime, Inc. to push the agenda for women’s equality so she could see real change. Carlynne believes that women can achieve more and go further if they are educated, smart and prepared. Real change for women can only be achieved with hard work, vigilance, and the commitment that our capabilities are limitless.
Carlynne McDonnell Carlynne McDonnell

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