October 7, 2013 – Mission Amy Schrier, Stop Waiting Jim Palmer & Survivor Donna Hartley

October 7, 2013 – Mission Amy Schrier, Stop Waiting Jim Palmer & Survivor Donna Hartley

Broadcast October 7, 2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Amy Schrier – Founder of Mission.tv

Amy Schrier has vast experience in producing and publishing media, ranging in topics from humanitarian efforts to outdoor recreation. She is a serial entrepreneur, owning two of her own content companies, Blue and Mission.tv. Mission is a platform that provides impact travel opportunities to help  groups around the world in need. The goal of MISSION is to provide its users with ways to travel the world and see what the wide variety of cultures, landscapes, people, and activities that the world has to offer, while doing great things to help too! Today, we have her on to discuss these two companies, how she found her passion for content creation, and the strategies she used to grow her businesses in such a competitive market! See her pitch here…


Jim Palmer – Newsletter Guru and Author of Stop Waiting for It to Get Easier

Jim is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, and business coach. He is founder & president of Custom Newsletters, and host of Newsletter Guru TV and Stick Like Glue Radio and is known around the world as The Newsletter Guru. Jim is back with us for a second time to tell us about his new book and we all must stop waiting!


Donna Hartley – Cancer, Plane Crash, and Heart Survivor

To have cancer, survive a plane crash and heart surgery all in one day (three March 1st’s, separately by years) might give someone a little perspective on life. This is just the case of Donna Hartley, and she is using the experience she has gained through these horrible trials to help others around the world regain their sense of purpose in life and start living like we have an expiration date. Her speaking has filled people across the world with hope and meaning in life again. Today, we have her on the show to go through that day on March 1st and what she learned from it!

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