October 15, 2013 – Peter Crysdale’s StrategyHack & Selling to Big Cos Jill Konrath

October 15, 2013 – Peter Crysdale’s StrategyHack & Selling to Big Cos Jill Konrath

Broadcast October 15, 2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Peter Crysdale- Founder of StrategyHack launching November 9th

At the School for Startups, we get really excited over events like these, especially when they have a twist. Hackathons have been increasingly popular events among tech startups and their respective incubators; however, Peter Crysdale’s StrategyHack differs from the traditional hackathon in its emphasis on marketing. Essentially, StrategyHack is an event specifically designed to help great products get the exposure they deserve. After getting accepted, startups are matched with 3 marketers that will guide them through the day.  The event kicks off with quick introductions before teams hit the gas, working to create a marketing strategy to be presented at night’s end. The result: A handful of great startups with ready-to-go marketing strategies all in one day! We have on Peter to give us a little context on himself, his team, and the event as a whole and how it can benefit YOU as a startup! If you’re a startup wishing to apply for the event, you may do so here. Likewise, if you are a marketer wishing to participate, you may apply here. Applications close October 19. Happy marketing!



Jill Konrath – Sales Kickoff Speaker & Sales Expert, Author of SNAP Selling & Selling to Big Companies

Jill Konrath helps salespeople, entrepreneurs and business professionals increase sales to the corporate market. One of the most difficult problems small businesses face is getting in front of the big guys. Or is it really a problem? Jill shows fresh sales strategies to get into big accounts, create opportunities out of thin air, speed up sales cycles & win the bigger contracts. One of her clients, 87% of sales reps landed meetings with large corporate accounts within just 60 days! Jill speaks and trains at annual sales meetings, kick-off events, and professional conferences. Her goal is to wake salespeople up to what it takes to be successful selling to today’s prospects. Her slaes newsletter nad blog are read by over 100,000 people! Jill started her career at Xerox, then moved into technology & services sales.  As an early pioneer in sales enablement, she leverages buyer personas to create sales tools, value propositions, playbooks and training that shortened time-to-revenue for her clients, which include IBM, Microsoft, GE, Hilton, Accenture, Staples and Oracle.

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