November 5, 2013 – Energy Guru Michael Breen & Local Crowding Anthony Edwards

November 5, 2013 – Energy Guru Michael Breen & Local Crowding Anthony Edwards

Broadcast November 5, 2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Michael Breen – CEO of GELI

Michael Breen is an energy guru, the guy making sure our computers have power, while being an entrepreneur at the same time. Michael joined GELI as the CEO to help bring to market energy software that has been developed over the last three years. The software enphasizes interoperability between inverter manufacturers and the batteries. In English, they can tell you more about you battery’s than anyone else.  Adding this to sophisticated economic modeling, GELI will be the operating system of grid.  Michael was co-founder and CFO of Xtreme Power and successfully led the company from its first invested dollar to 250 employees and a sales  of $100 million.  facebook find_me_on_google+ 


Anthony Edwards – Founder of Main Street Crowd

Anthony Edwards has created a crowd funding platform for local investors. A great idea! Main Street Crowd is a comprehensive, cloud-based funding platform. It is a funding mosaic for communities that connects and harnesses the power of networks involved in business and community development. It is targeted crowd sourcing,at a local, for the community level, with the power of a national database! We love crowd anything, local anything, so this makes lots of sense to us.  Only negative? Anthony is a lawyer! Yes I hate them too! But he is a great sport about it!


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