May 6, 2021 – PuraVita Medical’s Co-founder Paul Hickey and Job-You-Love Expert Barb Garrison

May 6, 2021 – PuraVita Medical’s Co-founder Paul Hickey and Job-You-Love Expert Barb Garrison

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Paul Hickey – Co-founder and President of PuraVita Medical

The Federal government and US hospitals are buying almost
exclusively from China. Every bid I have made to the government
to sell masks, I have lost 100% of them to Chinese companies. 

Paul is a serial entrepreneur, investor, raises capital for fast growth companies and has raised 22 rounds of funding for his own startups, bringing one of them all the way through an IPO (Qcomm). PuraVita Medical, a factory based in Utah which makes medical grade face N-95 and K-N-95 masks for the healthcare industry and general public. Paul and his team are currently learning how to successfully fight his Chinese competitors who are being subsidized by the Chinese government in a commodity business. The CDC recently announced that “over 60% of the Chinese masks they recently tested did not meet the specs on the box.” That means that all the health care workers, front line workers and those at risk who really need to be protected are not getting protected when wearing Chinese made masks. The vast majority of masks everyone is wearing including health care professionals are made in China yet our government and hospitals continue to order from the very source of the problem. Paul is on a mission to inform the American public that their lives are at risk by using fake Chinese masks and providing them with the safest choice possible.

Barb Garrison – Career Coach, Speaker & Author at Internal Groove

When people are in a place of ‘good enough,’ do not just settle
there! Its never to late to explore even small changes. What
would make you feel more satisfied?

For 18 years Barb Garrison held a coveted position as the head of marketing for a large, well-known company based in LA, doing what many people would consider a dream job. But instead of feeling lit up by her work, she felt drained. The constant stress was starting to take a toll on her body and soul and she knew she needed to make a change, so he quit her job. She went back to school and became the exact thing she needed but couldn’t find at the time – a career coach! 15 years later, in her “Job-You-Love Expert” role at Internal Groove, Barb strives to use her 3 professional coaching certifications, as well as her degrees in mass communications to help burned out, success-driven professionals design careers that make them leap out of bed – even on Monday mornings!