April 25, 2018 – Samurai Listener Cash Nickerson, Cyber Moralist Ashwin Krishnan and Money from Transcriptions Ben Walker

April 25, 2018 – Samurai Listener Cash Nickerson, Cyber Moralist Ashwin Krishnan and Money from Transcriptions Ben Walker

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Cash Nickerson – President of PDS Tech and Author of The Samurai Listener 

Steven “Cash” Nickerson is president and a principal of PDS Tech, Inc., one of the largest engineering and IT staffing firms in the U.S., employing over 10,000 employees. Cash has held a variety of legal and executive positions in his 30-year career, including attorney and marketing executive for Union Pacific Railroad, a partner at Jenner & Block (one of Chicago’s five largest law firms), and chairman and CEO of an internet company he took public. An avid writer and speaker on the workplace, jobs, economy, and employment, he is the author of several books including BOOMERangs, Engaging the Aging Workforce in America and StagNation, Understanding the New Normal in Employment. Cash is an avid martial artist, ranked as a third-degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and a Russian Martial Art instructor at his school, Big D Systema in Dallas. He is a frequent guest on numerous talk radio shows including NPR, The Joe Elliot Show, Americas Evening News, Lifestyle Talk Radio, The Lifestyle Show, Conversations with Peter Solomon, Ringside Politics, The Dave Malarkey Show, The Morning Show, and The Costa Report. The Samurai Listener provides specific physical and mental exercises to improve all of your interpersonal interactions, particularly in professional settings.
Cash NickersonCash Nickerson

Ashwin Krishnan – Tech Interpreter for Security, Privacy, and Ethics; Human Revitalizer for Inspiration, Fulfillment, and Joy

Ashwin Krishnan is a reformed hi-tech executive, and his first mission is to help “interpret” technology – focusing on security, privacy, and ethics – for enterprises and consumers. He loves spearheading enterprises and consumer journey to help navigate through dizzying technology shifts and its impact on security, privacy and ethics using speaking, podcasting and blogging to educate, empower and exciting change. He is a former Hi-Tech exec (SVP at HyTrust, VP at Versa Networks) with over two decades of hi-tech executive experience in the cybersecurity and virtualization domain. He is the author of Mobile Security for Dummies, a regular columnist with CSOOnline.com, ITSPMagazine, ThriveGlobal, CPOMagazine, Kinja, and Qrius. He is also a podcast host with Cyber Security Dispatch he regularly interviews CISOs and security thought leaders.
Ashwin KrishnanAshwin Krishnan

Benjamin K. Walker – Founder and CEO at Transcription Outsourcing

Benjamin Walker is the founder and CEO of Transcription Outsourcing. Transcription Outsourcing provides the best transcription services available in the US. He and the company work with government agencies, single practice attorneys, and physicians, as well as entire university systems to provide fast, accurate, and reliable transcription services. Specialties include medical transcription services (including EHR integration), legal transcription services, law enforcement transcription services, academic transcription services, podcast transcription, and financial transcription services. They provide a user-friendly, cost-effective, outsourcing option for a wide range of industries. The company currently works with the Arkansas State Police, the University of Colorado Boulder and Denver, VA New York, Lane County Health and Human Services, Colorado Department of Revenue, and the Colorado Department of Healthcare Finance and Policy.

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