January 5, 2024 – WordPress Support Peter Guirguis and Midstage Growth Roland Siebelink

January 5, 2024 – WordPress Support Peter Guirguis and Midstage Growth Roland Siebelink

Peter Guirguis – Founder of SwiftPress Support 

40% of the world’s websites are built on WordPress.
That is 800 million websites
worldwide. That is testimony
to the great ecosystem that is built around WordPress.

Peter Guirguis

Peter Guirguis is Founder of SwiftPress Support. He is a seasoned digital expert and is the dynamic force behind SwiftPress Support, a game-changing venture offering unparalleled technical support to WordPress website owners. With a rich history as the founder of Grace Digital Solutions, Peter has a proven track record in crafting exceptional websites for a diverse clientele, from businesses to personal brands. His commitment to excellence is evident in his ability to communicate intricate technical details to non-tech-savvy clients, ensuring they achieve their digital goals. Now, with SwiftPress Support, he’s expanding his horizons to offer SEO, Google Ads, landing page design, and comprehensive care plans including web hosting. A recognized figure in the digital space, Peter has been honored multiple times by the Wells Fargo Leaders Club. When he’s not revolutionizing the digital landscape, he’s actively engaging with his community, sharing insights, and building connections.

Roland Siebelink – Founder of Midstage Institute 

The three things I always look for are is there a problem, is there
a technology, and is there a market willing to pay for it.

Roland Siebelink

Roland Siebelink is a 3-time tech founder with a profound understanding of the challenges inherent in scaling a business. Recognizing that this journey can be arduous and complex, Roland is dedicated to helping founders get through it in one piece. With a deep understanding of the challenges that come with scaling a business, Roland is dedicated to helping founders navigate this complex journey, offering guidance and support to ensure their success. Focused on guiding burgeoning startups, Roland specializes in propelling them from product-market-fit to product-market dominance. He recognizes that this transformation demands increased planning, innovation, unwavering effort, and steadfast commitment. With a track record of elevating three companies to unicorn status, Roland’s mission encompasses the transformation of creators into leaders of thriving enterprises. His expertise not only aids in crafting exceptionally performant leadership teams but also in nurturing individuals to become architects of exceptional companies. Roland specializes in guiding startups from product-market-fit to product-market dominance, emphasizing the need for careful planning, innovation, and unwavering commitment. He is passionate about transforming creators into leaders of thriving enterprises and building exceptionally strong leadership teams.