March 17, 2014 – Direct Selling Michael Alden, Crowd PR Chad Aronson, Wells Fargo’s Sean Mabey

March 17, 2014 – Direct Selling Michael Alden, Crowd PR Chad Aronson, Wells Fargo’s Sean Mabey

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Michael Alden – CEO, TV Host & Author of Ask More, Get More: How to Earn More, Save More, and Live More…Just by ASKING – Highlight Here

Michael Alden has over 15 years in the Direct Response marketing industry. He started his career in DR customer service while in law school (yes, we will tease him about going to law school!), moved onto call center sales, was quickly promoted to sales manager, and then to General Counsel. In 2009, Michael founded Blue Vase Marketing based on the values espoused in the book The Go Getter. The firm has grown to be one of the top direct response firms. Michael also hosts infomercials seen around the globe and has just published a new book.  facebook find_me_on_google+

Chad Aronson – Director of Crowdfunding at JumpStarter PR – Highlight Here

Chad Aronson worked with a number of small businesses doing marketing and business development, including Landlock Natural Paving, Velocity Signs, and Litebox. Chad excels at understanding his clients’ position in their respective markets and determining strategies for growth, the perfect launch board for founding JumpStarter PR in 2013.  He focuses on marketing crowdfunding campaigns for their clients.  JumpStarter PR is a marketing communications firm that specializes in crowdfunding promotions and campaign management.


Sean Mabey – Director of Small Business Strategy and Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank – Highlight Here

Sean Mabey is back with us again, our most regular guest on the show! As the Director of Small Business Strategy with Wells Fargo, he always has in interesting take on small business. This week he shares the lessons we can learn from the Lego story. The company did not know the cost of its products, fired the best designers and replace them with people that didn’t know kids, and watched sales plummet. A new CEO was brought in and he introduced basic accounting principles, reduce the number of inventory items, and restored the passion. And saved the company! Many lessons for us small business owners.
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