September 26, 2018 – People First Selling Steve Rigby and Messenger Bots Ian Smith

September 26, 2018 – People First Selling Steve Rigby and Messenger Bots Ian Smith

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Steve Rigby – CEO of New Wings Consulting and Author of S.M.I.L.E.

Steve Rigby is the CEO of New Wings Consulting, a speaker, and the author of the new book S.M.I.L.E. For nearly two decades, Steve Rigby served the homebuilding industry as both a student and a teacher of selling, managing, and training. He was responsible for directing the sales efforts for three of the nation’s top-ten public homebuilders. As a result, those companies experienced tremendous growth with very healthy bottom lines. In the past decade plus, Steve has continued to prove his proficiency as a thought leader through his own business, New Wings Consulting, LLC, which serves companies across a variety of industries. As he’s accustomed to seeing, those companies are also experiencing tremendous growth and very healthy bottom lines.  Steve Rigby is a native Texan who conducts world-class training from Austin and at his client’s offices nationwide. His past includes leading national sales training at Lennar & U.S. Home.

Ian Smith – Content Creator, Social Media Marketing Expert and Founder of Free Boss Lifestyle Brand

Ian Smith is a well-known Social Media marketing expert. Ian specializes in Facebook advertising, Messenger marketing, and building out the overall customer journey for any eCommerce or brick-and-mortar business. Ian has managed Facebook ad campaigns spending over $2 million in less than two years. He has built 6 and 7 figure businesses, and Ian has helped his clients and equity-owned businesses sell more than $5 million in revenue last year.  Ian is also the owner of Evolve Media and the founder of the Free Boss Lifestyle brand. He has grown the Free Boss Lifestyle community to 5,000+ members and counting. In this community, Ian teaches an online course that includes proven copywriting techniques, ClickFunnels strategies, Facebook Ads best practices, and more. You can join today by clicking here now. Ian’s team helped clients generate millions in sales, increase their average cart value, and grow customer lists that make repeat purchases. At Evolve Media, they create and distribute HIGH-VALUE content for the clients.

Ian Smith