May 26, 2021 – Mental Health Matcher Ryan Schwartz, IBM Chief AI Officer Seth Dobrin and Consumer Rights Lawyer Michael Agruss

May 26, 2021 – Mental Health Matcher Ryan Schwartz, IBM Chief AI Officer Seth Dobrin and Consumer Rights Lawyer Michael Agruss

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Ryan Schwartz – CEO of Mental Health Match

Powerpoint mockups led to website mockups, we got some
friends and family money and hired somebody to just create
something functional. We started in Houston, just a local directory,
to see what kind of response we got. People signed up. 

Ryan is currently CEO of Mental Health Match, a free and confidential service that matches people to the therapists and counselors who best meet their needs. Prior to founding Mental Health Match, Ryan was principal of Full Focus Communications, a messaging and communications strategy firm for social change organizations. Ryan geeks out on understanding how people think, feel, and act – especially when it comes to breaking through the stigmas of mental health. He was trained as a cultural anthropologist at Stanford University, and spent many years as a communications strategist for social change movements. Ryan’s stories have been told across the globe; he’s been recognized by the Media Institute of Southern Africa for producing the community radio show of the year. Mental Health Match is a free service that matches people to therapists and counselors who best meet their needs. Since 2019, they’ve matched more than 60,000 people with a therapist. They have over 2,000 therapists on the platform in all 50 states and they’re growing.

Seth Dobrin- IBM Chief AI Officer

The real question that is important, the most important
question I would say is, are these AI’s evaluating
the resumes in a way that it is trust worthy, meaning is 
it free of gender and racial bias. 

Dr. Seth Dobrin is Global Chief AI Officer at IBM and leads the corporate AI Strategy. In his role, Seth is responsible for connecting AI development with a systemic creation of business value via design-driven strategy and AI-enabled operational execution. Seth is fundamentally changing every area of the company, from business operations to product development, by adopting a Trustworthy AI approach ensuring continuous and responsible delivery of AI-based business outcomes across the company. For many organizations around the world, digital transformation has been accelerated by the global pandemic, sparking Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make a fundamental shift from out of reach tool or proof of concept purgatory to a real revenue driver. AI today is changing the way businesses operate in fundamental ways, from how they communicate with their customers through virtual agents, to automating key workflows and even managing network security. At IBM’s Think Conference, our annual flagship global event, we are announcing new breakthroughs in AI technology, for businesses and consumers. While recent advances in the technology are making AI more accessible than ever, the annual survey also found that a lack of AI skills and increasing data complexity are top challenges. When it comes the shortfall in key AI skills – IBM is addressing that problem through its Skillsbuild, P-Tech and other educational programs as well as helping clients through with our deep bench of AI and talent transformation experts in GBS.

Michael Agruss  – Founding Attorney of Agruss Law Firm

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act has a fee shift provision,
so that consumers are protected. My fees and costs are shifted to
the other side. The collection agency pays my bill!

Michael Agruss is a lawyer who helps consumers with debt collection harassment, robocalls, credit report problems & deceptive businesses at no cost to the client. Michael understands that 99% of people do not know their rights under the law and enjoys educating people about them. His law firm is a tight-knit team that work well together & genuinely care about their clients. What’s unique about his firm is it has a fee-shift provision where the client doesn’t pay a penny!