February 8, 2021 – Founder of Meeteor Mamie Kanfer Stewart and Clean Energy Rich Powell

February 8, 2021 – Founder of Meeteor Mamie Kanfer Stewart and Clean Energy Rich Powell

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Mamie Kanfer Stewart – CEO & Founder of Meeteor

Most meetings we ask the question, “Why are we meeting?”
Instead of the question we should be asking, “What will
this meeting accomplish?”

Mamie Kanfer Stewart is the CEO and Founder of Meeteor, a company focused on making meetings more productive and meaningful. In Momentum, she brings her years of experience forward to provide a blueprint for success, including actionable tips managers can immediately implement with their teams. The entrepreneurial spirit combined with the desire to optimize how people work led Mamie to build Meeteor whose mission is to enable individuals and teams to thrive at work, with a special emphasis on effective meetings. But Mamie’s expertise and passion go beyond meetings. She is adept at sharing best practices to optimize how people work individually and collaboratively to develop high performance teams. Mamie brings an unusual combination of strategic thinking and personalized consulting, making her a pleasure to work with and an effective coach for any personality. Mamie is a dynamic speaker and has presented at numerous events and been interviewed on a variety of podcasts. Mamie has been featured in Forbes, Inc, Business Collective, and PCMag and writes about productivity, healthy team culture, and meeting best practices. She is also a nationally syndicated columnist and national media personality. Mamie sits on numerous non-profit boards and was honored by Auburn Seminary in 2016 with their prestigious Lives of Commitment Award.

Rich Powell – Executive Director at ClearPath

ALL of the energy technologies are hard on the planet. That means
we need a mix of technologies that is as easy on the planet as possible. 

Rich Powell is the Executive Director at ClearPath and ClearPath Action, the DC-based organizations developing and advancing conservative policies that accelerate clean energy innovation. He educates policymakers on investing wisely in energy innovation, removing roadblocks to building and exporting American clean energy technology, and maintaining and promoting our flexible clean energy resources. Rich also leads ClearPath’s external advocacy and research partnerships with nonprofits, academia, and the private sector. Rich frequently testifies before congress on climate change and energy innovation. His work has been published in the Wall Street Journal, FoxNews.com, Washington Examiner, The Hill, Morning Consult, RealClear Energy, and a number of regional publications. His views are regularly featured in national publications including the National Review, NPR, Politico, USA Today, Axios, E&E, New York Times, the Washington Post, Forbes, LA Times, Houston Chronicle, MIT Tech Review, Bloomberg, Green Tech Media, Utility Dive, the Guardian, and many others. Rich serves as a member of the 2019 Advisory Committee to the Export Import Bank of the United States. He is also on the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center’s Advisory Group. Previously, Rich was with McKinsey & Company in the Energy and Sustainability practices. He focused on corporate clean energy strategy, government low carbon growth strategy, and clean tech market entry.