June 3, 2013 – Insourcer Monty Hamilton & Water Guru Rich Cavagnaro

June 3, 2013 – Insourcer Monty Hamilton & Water Guru Rich Cavagnaro

Broadcast June 3, 2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Monty Hamilton  

CEO of Rural Sourcing, Inc.

Monty Hamilton is CEO of a company whose goal is to provide a domestic alternative to outsourcing technology and ongoing support services. Indoing this, RSI is able to provide its clients with an average of 60-70% in savings. It is RSI’s goal to create 3000 new jobs in the United States through its efforts. Monty Hamilton is no stranger to making companies more competitive by reducing costs. His resume includes positions with Accenture and Clarkston Consulting that are geared towards helping companies maximize the efficiency of their competitive advantages.

Rich Cavagnaro     

President at Adedge Water Technologies LLC.

Adedge Water Technologies, LLC. is a company that specializes in the development and distribution of water treatment euqipment. They have products with applications in the industrial and public sectors. They have clientele in the most challanging of locals such as China and Indonesia. Specifically, Adedge specializes in the removal of such contaminants as arsenic, iron, manganese, and fluoride.  Rich Cavagnaro brings much to the table as his experience includes over 20 years in international business, specifically marketing and product development as it applies to industries dealing in sealants, pharmaceuticals, and, more obviously, drinking water.