May 16, 2013 – Shayne Walsey and Stanley Chao

May 16, 2013 – Shayne Walsey and Stanley Chao

Broadcast May 16, 2013  on Liberty Express Radio – Shayne Wlasey and Stanley Chao

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Shayne Walsey is a friend, and it has been fun to watch her grow Urban Enterprises.  She computed payroll at 13, was a secret shopper in retail outlets as a teenager and was a greeter at a mall during the 1996 Olympics. This hands-on knowledge and her highly-tuned business savvy (gained while earning a BBA in Marketing from the University of Michigan) serves her well as President of the company.  The fresh attitude she brings to Urban Enterprises has recently attracted clients like Ringling Brothers. Parkway Properties, and Atlantic Station. She was also one of the semi-finalists in the Atlanta Business Person of the Year.

Stanley Chao

As the the managing director of All In Consulting, Stanley Chao helps companies in their Asia and China business strategies. He is  author of  Selling to China: A Guide to Doing Business in China for Small- and Medium-Sized Companies. Topics discussed:

  • IP in China, Will Chinese Steal US Designs?
  • Entrepreneurship in China
  • Getting into China
  • Which products are good and which not
  • Strategies for dealing with Chinese

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