May 13, 2013 – Mike Krause and Zabi Kator

May 13, 2013 – Mike Krause and Zabi Kator

Broadcast May 13, 2013  on Liberty Express Radio – Mike Krause and Zabi Kator

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Mike Krause

Michael is author of Amazon bestseller, SMART Prospecting. He is an expert at everything sales, and this book shows others how to use a combination of both conventional and emerging techniques and technologies to maximize the effectiveness of their sales efforts! See his site and learn to sell!

Zabi Kator

Zabi owns a security franchising company, GuardNOW, in on the west coasts that deals in leasing  services for big events and functions, as well as daily jobs. Zabi tells about founding the business and franchise opportunities. Great job of growing his business.