September 14, 2015 – Tribe Builder Mason Duchatschek & Entrepreneur Sherpa Valery Satterwhite

September 14, 2015 – Tribe Builder Mason Duchatschek & Entrepreneur Sherpa Valery Satterwhite

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Mason Duchatschek – #1 Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, Thought Leader

Mason Duchatschek is a number one bestselling author, keynote speaker and thought leader. His work has been featured in Selling Power magazine, The New York Times, Entrepreneur magazine, Newsweek and numerous other national media outlets. He helps companies prevent hiring disasters, increase sales, minimize labor costs, increase individual and team productivity, and turn human resource information into a corporate asset and competitive advantage. In the bestselling book “Good to Great” the author Jim Collins advises business executives to get the right people on the bus and into the right seats. The “bus” of course is their business. mason teaches executives HOW to do that using pre-employment tests (psychometric tests) and employment assessments. See,, and BusinessWebVideos.comto learn more! Mason donates free home drug tests to schools, law enforcement and parent coalitions to give kids a “socially acceptable” excuse to reject peer pressure (that often gets worse when kids say “no” to drugs) and he works in partnership with hundreds of local communities across the United States.
Mason DuchatschekMason Duchatschek

Valery Satterwhite – Entrepreneur Sherpa and Founder of Nail My Startup

Valery Satterwhite is a passionate advocate for great entrepreneurs with great vision who want to build great companies. She has mentored, coached and trained over 200 business startups and has been instrumental in helping them achieve product and message fit using a lean canvas model. She supports her clients to scale profitably and prepare for highly competitive investor pitches. Valery’s experience in the startup environment spans a few decades and includes success as an early employee in the following roles: marketing, strategic partnership development, business development, market research & product development. Her passion lies in taking those experiences (the amazing & the not-so-great) to help entrepreneurs learn & apply what it really takes to develop the right products for the right audiences at the right time. She is author of 3 books, “Winning the Fame Game: How to Deal With Celebrity, Stay Grounded, Admired & Inspired,” “Money Moxie: Transcend the Paradox of Privilege & Liberate Your True Worth” and “You Suck!: How to Turn Your ‘Fraidy-Cat Inner Critic Into a Confident & Courageous Fan.”
Valery SatterwhiteValery SatterwhiteValery Satterwhite

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