November 4, 2014 – America Built w Marvin Weinberger & Cut Expenses w Larry Isaacson

November 4, 2014 – America Built w Marvin Weinberger & Cut Expenses w Larry Isaacson

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Marvin Weinberger – Owner of Innovation Factory and American Certified

Marvin Weinberger is the Owner of Innovation Factory, where a high-tech approach is taken to providing customers with quality, American made tools. The patented products are made in America and come with a lifetime warranty, and include such features as ergonomically correct handle solutions. Marvin has years of experience as an entrepreneur, developing marketing, strategic planning, and other related skills. Marvin is also the founder of American Certified, a website devoted to selling American made goods. Amazingly, the site offers three million items for purchase!

Marvin WeinbergerMarvin WeinbergerMarvin Weinberger

Larry Isaacson – Tax & Expense Recovery Advisor at Florida Business Advisory, LLC

Larry Isaacson is a tax and expense recovery advisor with Florida Business Advisory, LLC where he uses his years of experience to help clients by identifying areas of potential tax and expense recovery savings. With his team, clients have saved more than $300,000,000 by using an industry exclusive software tool. The FBA team is so good that without changing vendors or the way you operate, they either save you money or there’s no fee. Larry brings to Florida Business Advisory years of management consulting where he has developed marketing strategies and management plans for mergers and acquisitions. So Larry asks one question, Are You Next!
Larry Isaacson

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