July 28, 2015 – Pyramid Flipper Greg Slamowitz & HowStuffWorks’ Marshall Brain

July 28, 2015 – Pyramid Flipper Greg Slamowitz & HowStuffWorks’ Marshall Brain

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Greg Slamowitz is an entrepreneur, investor, author and speaker. He was co-founder and former Co-CEO of Ambrose Employer Group, LLC, a professional employer organization (PEO), which was ranked one of the 50 fastest growing companies by Crain’s New York’s list and was also recognized by the New York State Society for Human Resource Management as one of the “Best Companies to Work For in New York.” Greg co-founded Ambrose in 1997 with $95,000, never accepted outside funding, and sold Ambrose to Trinet (TNET) in July 2013 in a $200 million cash transaction. Greg has also invested in, and is on the board of, a number of early stage companies. He enjoys learning and teaching and has spent considerable time over the last decade meeting with entrepreneurs and business leaders and regularly presents his seminar, “Flip the Pyramid”, around the United States. Greg has also spent considerable time in Washington DC with members and staffers of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives educated them about the challenges to and solutions for America’s businesses. He was a board member and president of the his industry’s trade association, founded and led its political action committee (PAC), and was instrumental in the passage of the Small Business Efficiency Act. Greg was the recipient of the 2001 Ernst & Young New York Entrepreneur of the Year® award in the employment services category and serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board for Emory University’s School of Law.
Greg SlamowitzGreg SlamowitzGreg Slamowitz

Marshall Brain – Founder of HowStuffWorks.com,  Speaker and Author of The Second Intelligent Species: How Humans Will Become as Irrelevant as Cockroaches

Marshall Brain is a nationally-known entrepreneur, author, consultant, TV host and speaker. He founded HowStuffWorks.com in 1998 as a hobby and sold it to the Discovery Channel for $250 million in 2007. Marshall raised a total of $8 million of venture capital in three rounds, attracted 6 million visitors and 60 million page views per month, and won numerous awards including Time Magazine’s 2002-2006 50 Best Web Sites, PC Magazine’s Top 100 Classic Web Sites, Scientific American’s 2002 and 2004 Sci/Tech Web Award, and Yahoo Internet Life Magazine’s Best Science and Technology Resource. He hosted a prime time show “Factory Floor with Marshall Brain” on National Geographic Channel and taped hundreds of radio vignettes for Cox Broadcasting played on 40 stations nationwide. He has written several books, most of which are available for free on his site.
Marshall BrainMarshall BrainMarshall Brain

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