April 6, 2020 – Covid 19 – Purposity Blake Canterbury, Cyber Dr Eric Cole and BIXA Sarah Weise

April 6, 2020 – Covid 19 – Purposity Blake Canterbury, Cyber Dr Eric Cole and BIXA Sarah Weise

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Blake Canterbury – Founder of Purposity and Board Member of Compassion International

Purposity is based on the idea that you would help your neighbor
if you knew they were in need. If there was a simple action step,
you will take it! 

Blake Canterbury is the Founder of Purposity, a text messaging service that allows you to give back to those who truly need it the most. He is a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and social media expert dedicated to good. He founded his first company based on social media in 2009, beremedy, which was named one of the “3 best twitter usages worldwide” by CNN. Blake is sought out nationally to speak about a variety of topics relating to Social Media, Philanthropy, Leadership, Inspiration, Real World Results from Online Campaigns, Entrepreneurship, and more. His work has been featured in media outlets and publications internationally including TEDx, NBC, The Huffington Post and CNN.

Dr Eric Cole – CEO and Founder of Secure Anchor Consulting

Whenever there is something as emotional as Covid 19, cyber
attackers will send emails that look like they are from the CDC
or your hospital or your school.

Dr. Eric Cole, PhD, is a World Renowned Cybersecurity Expert with more than 30 years of network security experience. He has made it his mission to make cyber space a safe place to live, work, and raise a family. As a pioneer in the area of cybersecurity, he has been awarded the Cyber Wingman Award from the US Air Force, received multiple accommodations from the CIA, and was part of the commission on cybersecurity for President Obama. Dr. Cole focuses on helping customers prevent security breaches, detect network intrusions, and respond to advanced threats. In addition, he is a sought-after keynote speaker, expert witness, and a 2014 inductee to the InfoSecurity Hall of Fame. Dr. Eric Cole is the author of several books, including Advanced Persistent Threat, Hackers Beware, Insider Threat, and Hiding in Plain Sight.

Sarah Weise – Founder of Bixa and Bestselling Author of InstaBrain: The New Rules for Marketing to Generation Z

Consumers are doing things right that they
would never 2-3 weeks ago.

Sarah Weise is the CEO of award-winning marketing research agency Bixa which specializes in customer research and audience insights for the world’s most innovative brands. She has been a secret weapon for hundreds of leading brands, including Google, IBM, Capital One, Mikimoto, PBS, and Real Warriors. She’s also a top-rated keynote speaker and expert in customer research, Generation Z and millennial customer behavior, and the future of experience design. She lectures at Georgetown University, is a co-founder of UX Masters Academy, and speaks at conferences and corporate events worldwide. In addition, Sarah has also repeatedly been published in the Journal of Digital Banking and Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing. Sarah is also the bestselling author of InstaBrain: The New Rules for Marketing to Generation Z.