April 29, 2020 – Magic Sauce Richard Fletcher and Medical Business Guru Dr. TJ Ahn

April 29, 2020 – Magic Sauce Richard Fletcher and Medical Business Guru Dr. TJ Ahn

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Richard Fletcher – Founder of Magic Sauce Marketing

People need to ask, “What is my value?” You can’t write a good value post if you don’t have value to add in the first place. If your value is the same as everyone else, you don’t have any value.

Richard Graham Fletcher is an online coach who’s helped people to get to $20k of business within a week or two, just by tweaking their social media. ​Over the last 15 years, he’s sold a vast number of products online – from physical products to info products, to high ticket coaching programs. Amongst other products, he even sold a $47 ebook on how to master online dating and a $5000 program on how to master dating in general. Richard has discovered that he has a talent for finding the ‘Magic Sauce’ for pretty much any business, no matter how seemingly mundane that business may appear to be.

Dr. TJ Ahn – Board Certified Podiatrist and Author of Opt-Out

If you make yourself unique and different, and you deliver the service package that you promise, you will have a competitive advantage and you can raise your price.

Dr. TJ Ahn is a board-certified podiatrist at United Foot Surgeons, but alongside he also owns a consulting business for sharing his knowledge of minimally invasive foot surgeries (MIFAS), marketing/sales, and entrepreneurship. He has grown his 7-figure private practice with a hybrid-concierge model and has helped dozens of other podiatrists develop their skills in MIFAS and build their practices with highly cash flowing model, without adding more work hours or patient volume. TJ is also the author of Opt-Out: How to Take Back Financial Control of Your Private Clinical Practice Without the Hassle of Insurance Companies, a book that documents his decision to “opt-out” of the traditional insurance-based model in favor of a more profitable, more sustainable, and more patient-focused model that all private practice owners can implement before it’s too late.