January 20, 2014 – SMB Lawyer Louis Dienes & Shark Tank’s Bishop Rodney Sampson

January 20, 2014 – SMB Lawyer Louis Dienes & Shark Tank’s Bishop Rodney Sampson

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Louis Dienes – Locke Lord LLP Corporate/M&A Partner – Highlights Here

Louis Dienes is partner in one of the largest legal firms in the world, and luckily for us, has a sweet spot for helping small businesses. Los Angeles Magazine listed him as “SuperLawyer – Mergers & Acquisitions” for the last 5 years. He has recently concluded exit deals for AEG, Google, Toyota, SuperShuttle, Underwriters Labs & Veolia (formerly Vivendi). He is also the local representative for EFactor, our show’s sponsor. In the interview, we talk about venture capital, raising money, finding the perfect investor, and crowdfunding. We also discuss Locke Lord’s Emerging Business Program, affordable and perfect for us small guys. Great info for small businesses.


Rodney Sampson – Shark Tank Inclusion Director, Author of Kingonomics, and Bishop – Highlights Here

Rodney Sampson is a serial entrepreneur, author, and consecrated Bishop. He is shaping innovative economic policy and opportunities for minorities that need an entrepreneurial helping hand. He runs Opportunity Hub, an entrepreneurial co-working space and alternative-funding center for small businesses located in downtown Atlanta. He co-founded Multicast Media Networks, Intellect in 2002, Intellect Inspire in 2006, and Legacy Opportunity Fund in 2007. Recently he announced an Opportunity Fund, a “super crowd fund.” And, he serves as the Executive in Charge of Inclusion for Mark Burnett Productions, the group behind Shark Tank, The Voice, and Survivor. Today, he is with us to celebrate Martin Luther King Day and to discuss his extensive efforts to help minority entrepreneurs.

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