June 21, 2019 – Local SEO Bradley Benner and Breathing Mindfulness Sandy Abrams

June 21, 2019 – Local SEO Bradley Benner and Breathing Mindfulness Sandy Abrams

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Bradley Benner – Digital Marketing & SEO Consultant, Co-Founder of Semantic Mastery

What I think is the better way to go is actually to see where
there is opportunity to take a particular model, for example,
and make it better.

Bradley Benner is a co-founder and senior partner at Semantic Mastery, a company that uses cutting edge marketing knowledge and tools to deliver top notch SEO results to clients in need of more web exposure. He began his career working in the technical trades, working as an electrical contractor and communications technician. After dedicating 12 years of his life to this work, he began pursuing a different type of revenue stream: real estate investing. Real estate exposed him to the importance of marketing in business, allowing Bradley to discover his passion for the science and art of marketing. He immersed himself in every aspect of that business, and his early research into real estate marketing expanded with time. Before long, he had branched out from real estate marketing, to working with mortgage lenders, service contractors, and even night club and event promoters to craft marketing materials that would reach new customers and encourage them to open their wallets. Before long, Bradley was transitioning to the new marketing vista of digital marketing. To augment his existing skills, he taught himself everything there was to know about web design, social media, and SEO. His enthusiasm for online marketing prompted the creation of his consulting business, Big Bamboo Marketing, a company offering digital marketing solutions to small businesses. He later founded Semantic Mastery, a site where he teaches and coaches students into expert use of the semantic web and SEO alike. He offers private and group training sessions to maximize his clients’ mastery of online marketing and their use of the semantic web. He also hosts a live-stream, “Hump Day Hangouts,” a weekly Q&A session on digital marketing.

Sandy Abrams – CEO of TheCEOm.com and Moisture Jamzz, Inc., Small Business Thought Leader and Consultant

I think for me what’s been the biggest asset of entrepreneurial
life is relationships built, long term relationships.

Sandy Abrams dove into entrepreneurship by founding Moisture Jammz, Inc, a company specializing in stylish and effective gloved hand and foot treatments. Like many business owners, she learned a lot as she went along, pulling herself into successful partnerships with big names like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Linens’NThings, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and QVC. Sandy expanded her success by founding CEOm.com, an endeavor that brings the benefits of yoga breath practice into the busy lives of businesses and professionals through workshops, PopUps, and individual training sessions. With CEOm.com, Sandy’s personal experience of being bolstered, motivated, and energized to do more in business by employing yoga practices in everyday work environments became a tool she could teach to others to improve their productivity and personal wellness alike. She is the author of Your Idea, Inc., and a contributor to HuffPost and Thrive Global, where she writes about her experience with small business entrepreneurship, yogic breath practices, and personal wellness. Her business acumen, thought leadership, and wellness techniques give her deep insight into the self-care every successful businessman needs to perform, and her personal experience creating a successful business affords her a rich understanding of the difficulties busy entrepreneurs experience on their rise to the top.