December 6, 2021 – Lion’s Fuel Darren Lopez and Restaurant Marketing Rev Ciancio

December 6, 2021 – Lion’s Fuel Darren Lopez and Restaurant Marketing Rev Ciancio

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Darren Lopez – Co-Founder of Lion’s Fuel

Lion’s Fuel is an athletic product line. I had a couple of daughters
that are very good athletes. I wanted to give them an edge. My
strength coaching clients were amazed at the results. 

Darren Lopez has 23-years of diverse entrepreneurial in nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and anti-aging/ wellness. From sleep aids to a cleaning disinfectant spray, Darren has been successful in innovating new products, developing supply chains, and establishing initial marketing/positioning. With a specialty skill set and diverse experience, he has been able to carry numerous product lines from early development to product release.

Rev Ciancio – Hospitality Marketing and Demand Generation Consultant and a former New York City bar owner

The labor storage is real and it is not going away. We are not
going to recover, its not coming back. Prepare to have less employees.

David “Rev” Ciancio has prior experience as the Chief Marketing Officer for a SaaS company and has transitioned into a hospitality marketing consultant helping both restaurants and tech companies with demand gen and customer retention. As a former New York City bar owner himself, Rev knows exactly how hard it is to operate and brand a hospitality business. With more than 20 years’ experience in B2B digital marketing and business development, he works with SaaS founders, CEOs, restaurants, brands, and consumers in the hospitality marketing and technology world. Rev works with his clients to acquire and retain customers through demand generation, funnel acceleration, and content marketing while recommending the best technologies that will improve their results. He specializes in hospitality marketing, content, local SEO, reputation management, and influencer marketing.