December 17, 2018 – Serving Leads to Sales April Yvette, Innovation Engineering Doug Hall and Small Biz Survey Results

December 17, 2018 – Serving Leads to Sales April Yvette, Innovation Engineering Doug Hall and Small Biz Survey Results

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April Yvette – Motivational Speaker, Award-Winning Entrepreneur featured on ABC’s TV Show Shark Tank, Sales & Marketing Strategy Expert

April Yvette is a passionate, creative, motivational speaker, sales and marketing strategy expert and author. She successfully appeared on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank and other media, including ABC, NBC Daytime, CNBC, FOX News, FOX Business Network, the Los Angeles Times, and The Indianapolis Star. April currently has 1.5 M YouTube views and more than 22,054 subscribers to her social media and blog. As a compelling speaker, she shares her extraordinary story of overcoming being a struggling single mom to generating $9M in one year in real estate and winning #1 Sales Person of the Year, to launching her award-winning product, THINgloss™, which was seen by millions worldwide. Her powerful message on faith, determination, resilience, and learning from failure inspires audiences to believe their big vision IS POSSIBLE while having plenty of time for fun and loved ones. She also lets them know it is ok to embrace success and fame. Fame isn’t about ego or trying to prove our worth. It’s about making a big impact and being a force for good in the world. Her ideal audiences are mission-driven organizations, leadership conferences, and business conferences with women and men leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants & speakers. April is a mother of 3 and resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband Ilya.

Doug Hall – Inventor, Speaker, Author of Driving Eureka! Problem Solving with Data Driven Methods & the Innovation Engineering System and Whisk(e)y Maker

Doug Hall is an inventor, researcher, educator, and craft whiskey maker. He is the founder of the Eureka! Ranch, Innovation Engineering Institute and Brain Brew Custom Whisk(e)y. Doug has been named one of America’s top innovation experts by Inc. magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Dateline NBC, CNBC, CIO Magazine and the CBC. His new book, Driving Eureka! describes how to transform innovation from random acts to a reliable science. Innovation Engineering is a data-driven, reliable system for creating fresh ideas and successfully turning them into reality. It allows companies to transform innovation from a random act to a reliable science. His Innovation Engineering system is responsible for over $16 billion in growth and system improvements projects in active development.

Sharon Miller – Head of Small Business at Bank of America

Sharon Miller is the Head of Small Business at Bank of America. Her team is responsible for delivering business and personal financial solutions to the company’s three million small business owners and entrepreneurs. Sharon’s team of more than 2,500 associates delivers advice and guidance on cash management, business financing, home lending, investments, and retirement. Prior to this role, Miller was Central Division Executive for Financial Center Sales and Merrill Edge® at Bank of America. Miller joined Bank of America in 1996. She started her career as a Financial Advisor in Houston, Texas. She is with us today to share the results of the latest small business owner survey that Bank of America conducts every year.