December 28, 2018 – Leadership Lab Chris Lewis, Anyone Can Be Rich Dr. Mark Tobak and BofA Home Buying Kathy Cummings

December 28, 2018 – Leadership Lab Chris Lewis, Anyone Can Be Rich Dr. Mark Tobak and BofA Home Buying Kathy Cummings

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Chris Lewis – Founder and CEO of Lewis   and author of The Leadership Lab: Understanding Leadership in the 21st Century

Chris Lewis is the founder and CEO of LEWIS, one of the largest independent marketing and communications agencies in the world. They have 650 employees and 30 offices around the world. He is a media trainer who has coached senior politicians, businesspeople and celebrities. He is a published author and journalist featured in The Financial Times, Daily Telegraph and The Guardian. Real leadership combines both logic and emotion, both short and long-term thinking.  There is a clear pattern to change and leaders can no longer lead by analyzing and trying to connect the dots separately.  They must learn to join them together.  “Leadership must see the limitations of the left-brain process,” said leadership experts Chris Lewis and Pippa Malmgrem, authors of THE LEADERSHIP LAB:  Understanding Leadership In The 21st Century.

Mark Tobak – Psychiatrist and author of Anyone Can Be Rich!

Mark Tobak, MD, is a general adult psychiatrist in private practice. He is the former chief of inpatient geriatric psychiatry at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Harrison, New York, where he is an attending physician. Dr. Tobak graduated the University at Buffalo School of Medicine after receiving a pre-medical certificate from the Columbia University School of General Studies. Before pursuing a career in medicine, Dr. Tobak received his law degree from Fordham University School of Law and was admitted to the New York State Bar. Dr. Tobak’s work has been published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, Psychiatric Times, and the American Journal of Medicine and Pathology. He is the author of Anyone Can Be Rich! and Audio Alternative: The Definitive Guide to High Fidelity. Psychiatrist and attorney Mark Tobak, MD, has discovered most of his patients one thing in common: anxiety about money. Fears and doubts about their financial future and day-to-day financial needs. Tobak is determined to relieve some of that weight with this accessible guide to the realities of money and finance. His simple analogies from movies, TV, and popular songs will make the principles of money management and wealth building come alive for everyone.

Kathy Cummings – Senior Vice President of Homeownership Solutions and Affordable Housing Programs for Bank of America

Kathy Cummings works with approximately 500 HUD-approved housing counseling agencies and support them with their fee for service, pre-purchase homebuyer education program called Connect to Own®. They supported this program at the bank for about 14 years, and have assisted over 168,000 clients with this program. Kathy have a technology background. She joined Bank of America back in 2003 working on the technology team supporting the mortgage business. It’s a very unique career path to get to her current role. Many people ask her, “So why did you choose to work in affordable housing?” Quite honestly, it really matches her personal passion. This work Kathy find is so much more rewarding, and you really can visually see the lives that you impact. When you see a client become a homeowner and all the hopes and dreams that surround that event, there is certainly nothing more rewarding.