May 18, 2020 – Lead with Speed Alan Willett, Call for Code Daniel Krook, I.I.I Michael Barry and Insulin Affordability Andy Vicari

May 18, 2020 – Lead with Speed Alan Willett, Call for Code Daniel Krook, I.I.I Michael Barry and Insulin Affordability Andy Vicari

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Alan Willett – Founder and President of Oxseeker Allan Willett Consulting

If genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, I want to help
people sweat faster. I want to help them drive their engines of
development faster. 

Alan Willett, President of Oxseeker, is an author, speaker, and a master at transforming friction points in technology-dependent organizations into innovation. Before his work as a consultant, Alan was part of the management team that created Xerox’s first-ever digital print production system. Alan’s passionate work has focused on leadership, with a laser focus on the unique challenges of leading in the elevated pressure environments of high-technology development. He has also authored three books including, Leading the Unleadable: How to Manage Mavericks, Cynics, Divas, and Other Difficult People and Lead with Speed: Fire Up Your Team, Power Your Engines of Development, and Make Your Organization Soar, which mainly revolve around leadership skills. Throughout his career, Alan has worked side by side with executives and leading experts from around the world. The companies he’s consulted for include HP, Oracle, Microsoft, NASA, General Motors, Orbital ATK, Acxiom, and many others.

Daniel Krook – CTO of IBM’s Code and Response and Call for Code

This year we launched with a focus on climate change, but with
the pandemic, we realized there are ways for developers to address
some of the larger challenges around the pandemic. 

Daniel Krook is the Chief Technology Officer of IBM Code and Response and Call for Code, a multi-year initiative that inspires developers to create sustainable software solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. He ensures that those ideas are delivered where they can make the greatest impact through the IBM Code and Response Initiative. Daniel has long worked with customers and the community to create first-of-a-kind solutions based on open source cloud technology, most recently building serverless applications with IBM Cloud™ Functions. He’s filed dozens of patent applications, spoken at many conferences, and often written for IBM blogs, developerWorks, and Redbooks. Daniel has been recognized as an IBM and Open Group Distinguished Technical Specialist, Senior Technical Staff Member, Master Inventor, Member of the IBM Academy of Technology, and Best of IBM Honoree; all of which reflect outstanding business results, technical innovation, team leadership, and mentorship.

Michael Barry – Senior VP, Head of Media Relations & Public Affairs at Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I)

The brand name auto insurers have offered 15-20% premium relief
for April and May because people are driving fewer miles! 

Michael Barry is a Senior Vice president, and the Head of Media and Public Affairs, at the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I), a trusted source of data-driven insights on the insurance industry to inform and empower consumers. In this role, Mr. Barry develops strategic communications for the I.I.I. and serves as a spokesperson for the institute. Barry came to the Triple-I in 2006 from the New York State Insurance Department, where he had served since 2004 as the agency’s director of Public Affairs. He oversaw the state Insurance Department’s communications functions and reported to New York’s Superintendent of Insurance. Before that, Barry was Corporate Communications manager at The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) and Public Information Officer for the New York State Banking Department.

Andy Vicari – Senior Director & U.S. Insulin Brand Leader, Eli Lilly and Company

We introduced the Insulin Value Program is for individuals that
have no insurance. They can get Lilly insulin for $35 a month. 

Andy Vicari is Senior Director & U.S. Brand Leader for the Insulins portfolio at Eli Lilly and Company. In this role, Andy leads the brand teams in developing and executing cross-portfolio marketing strategies across various insulin brands at Lilly. Andy has held several leadership positions in sales and marketing. Outside of work, Andy serves on the Board of Directors for the American Diabetes Association. Contracting and treating COVID-19 can be worrisome for people with diabetes, as these individuals are more likely to experience complications. With this in mind, Eli Lilly and Company and Beyond Type 1, a diabetes advocacy group, are working to ensure that people living with diabetes are prepared to manage their condition throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Lilly recently introduced the new Lilly Insulin Value Program, allowing anyone with commercial insurance, or who is uninsured, to fill their monthly prescription of Lilly insulin for $35.