April 24, 2020 – Private Investigator Thomas Martin and Laughing Billionaire Eliyahu Jian

April 24, 2020 – Private Investigator Thomas Martin and Laughing Billionaire Eliyahu Jian

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Thomas Martin – Founder and Private Investigator at Martin Investigative Services 

Thomas G. Martin is a Former Supervisory Federal Agent who has over 50 years of professional experience in corporate security and has represented the U.S. Department of Justice in over 50 foreign countries and the United States. Thomas has been involved in many high profile cases with national exposure, including many unsolved crimes. He has been featured in many of nation’s leading newspapers including, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, and many more. He received numerous awards during his service including 2 U.S. Department of Justice Special Achievement Awards. Thomas is now the owner of Martin Investigative Services where he oversees 22 male and female private investigators, all of whom are former Supervisory Federal Agents. Thomas is also the author of If You Only Knew and Seeing Life Through Private Eyes wherein he provides a wealth of experience, insider information and valuable advice to readers of every background.

Eliyahu Jian – Co-Founder of Vital Transformation – Read interview highlights here

Eliyahu Jian, Co-Founder of Vital Transformation, has been an accomplished LA-based Kabbalah teacher, psychic, coach, motivational speaker, spiritual teacher, and spiritual advisor to men and women of all ages and backgrounds for nearly three decades. He aims to empower people to be the best versions of themselves, create stronger relationships, achieve career success, and create healthier lifestyles by developing a spiritual connection. Eliyahu is also the author of The Laughing Billionaire: How to Become Rich and Happy wherein he shares his vision and guidance and provides his readers with the tools for psychological, physical, and spiritual transformation.

Highlights from Eliyahu’s Interview

The most important part is to be a billionaire and laugh while you’re a billionaire. Sometimes when you have the money, you’re not laughing enough and you’re not happy enough, or when you are too happy, you don’t see how to make money. So both sides are important in my opinion. The concept of Kabbalah is basically to increase your desire. Once you increase your desire, you still have to be fulfilled and happy, which is very difficult. Because when you increase your desire, you’ve gone empty. When you are empty, you become miserable, and when you become miserable, you’re not happy. So can you be happy while you are increasing the level of expectation and desire, that’s what Kabbalah is teaching you.

Basically, when people come to use my advice for business, let’s say I keep people running a big accounting firm, Morgan Stanley. So when they come and talk to me, they tell me, “Eliyahu, I want to increase the amount of money, but I don’t want to lose my money and be miserable.” That’s why I call the book The Laughing Billionaire. For example, if they make half a million dollar a year and they want to let’s say double it and they want to make $1 million, so I would say that the subconscious mind will have a difficult time with that. So we write two numbers. We write one number that we call ‘doable’ and the second number that we call ‘imaginable’. The imaginable number is something that touches more of your subconscious mind. You’ve got to keep it on the screen of your computer or the wall, and at the same time to work on what is doable.

Let’s say, if you’re making $500,000 a year and you want to make $550,000, that’s doable. Any business person will tell you, from a skill point-of-view, from ability, from working order, that you can actually increase the amount of money if you work for others to make more money. You’re putting the doable and the imaginable at the same time. The doable is one you’re really being fulfilled with. So you’re not going to be empty, you’re getting excited to start the year as you’re pushing to make whatever your number is. Then, the imaginable is basically a number that you put out there that you just imagine might happen, but in the back of your mind, you have a lot of doubt if it’ll ever happen. The magic of that coaching that I give people happens to work, and I believe in the concept that the proof is in the pudding. If the pudding tastes awful, that’s when it doesn’t work. If the pudding is good, you keep eating, you keep doing it, and you keep making more money and you’re becoming happier. So you have to have two concepts at the same time. One is the doable, whatever you think you can make; from a money point of view, from a happiness point of view. And the other number is the one you say, there’s no way I can make that. But just put it there and say, “I will not say ‘no way’, I will say it’s my imaginable number, it’s there.” Your brain is a magical system that when you say it’s imaginable, that means it’s possible but only from a miracle point of view, then somehow the brain finds a way to go in and make it, draw the right people into your life and the right meaning in more of a magical way.

Let’s talk about the power of certainty. From a certainty point of view, there are two levels, and the first level is for everybody. Certainty means, you’re not going to try to ride on a bicycle and you don’t want to believe you’re riding on a bicycle. For example, when someone asks what time is it, you say, I believe it’s five o’clock. But you’ve got to know, you’ve got to get from the believing into the knowing. When you’re touching something or doing something, you’ve got to have absolute certainty that you’re going to make it. That’s the one level of certainty. If you have a little doubt, that crack and opening of that doubt, unfortunately, will bring all kinds of negativity and problems into your mind that will draw all the events that you shouldn’t be drawing into your life. Again, this is the lower level of certainty.

The higher level of certainty is not for everybody, I’m not inviting everybody to try the second one. The second one is, whatever happened to me is the best thing that could have happened to me. Now, this is a little bit spiritual. So it’s not just for business people, it’s for business people who want to apply a little bit more of the spiritual part of the brain. Let’s say you work for a company and you invest a nice amount of money. The boss is looking at you in order to take the risk, so you’ve got to take the risk. If you take too much risk, something is off with you. If you don’t take risk at all, you get fired because you don’t make any money. So you have an ‘in between’ thing. You’ve got to go for things in the second level of certainty. When you say whatever happens is the best thing that could happen, it means that even if you get fired from this company, there is a better company waiting for you to hire you. You’ve got to get to that level. But again, this level is for the strong, it’s not for everybody. You need to have a coach like me or like others around you to make sure that you don’t get going crazy. Because some people will say, “I believe that whatever happened to me is the best thing happened to me. Let’s jump from being this entire building. Somebody open the window and I’ll float.” When you ask, how you’re doing, they say, so far, so good. But there’s nothing good about it.

So you have to be responsible when you’re going for the second level of certainty, it’s not for everybody. Usually, I recommend the first level of certainty where whatever you touch and whatever you do, you’ve got to believe and know that you are the perfect person for the job, and that job is perfect for you, and you’re definitely going to do it. That level of certainty, everybody can achieve and they should achieve. Do not touch things that you’ve doubts about, because why would you expect from a person who has doubt to have a great result? If somebody wants to swim in the Olympics who has doubts whether he is going to make it or not, why are you even being part of the Olympics? Don’t be! If you will be going for it, then go for it with full certainty. Why are you going with a word like “I’ll try, I will do my best.” do your best or you try you What are you not making it? But if you are you going and you say “Absolutely! These three points that I’m trying to shoot will absolutely go in”, that’s one level of certainty. I hope I was clear about the second one, which is not for everybody.

Now, let’s talk about the idea of claiming ownership. The idea of claiming ownership means you’re the boss. If you’re somehow saying, it’s not my fault, that means you’re also not responsible to change your life. There are things in your life that you are pointing fingers to the other person to say, it happened because of him/her, that means you cannot change it. When you claim ownership for everything, that means it’s up to you to make a difference. It’s a tremendous, simple revelation. When you say, the reason we don’t have money is because I didn’t manage my money correctly, that’s great news. Because now you know what’s the problem, and because you know what the problem is, you can go ahead and fix it. But if you say I have no idea what happened, or I think the reason is my mom, my father, my wife, my kids, my neighbor, my spiritual advisor, or whatever it is, then you can never change a thing. You can only change things that you absolutely take responsibility for. The most painful thing to do in life is to really take responsibility for whatever is happening in your life, including especially the things that you think have nothing to do with you.

I was traveling with one of the clients here from LA who flew me with his private jet. So we were talking, and the conversation we had together was very interesting. I asked him, so what’s the secret of a billionaire person, what does the mind think like? I said, ask all your friends because I want to add ten billionaires into the same answer. So he only gave me one answer, and the answer was so silly in the beginning. They say, assume nothing. I said that’s it, that’s a billionaire’s brain? Assume nothing, that’s all he can tell me? Then they sat with me and explained something very powerful. They said, assume nothing can happen without you making it or without you getting involved. Think about it. We’re sometimes waiting for someone knocking the door with good news or we’re waiting for something to happen. Those people that think like billionaire or have a billionaire mind and are trying to be happy, or if they’re happy and trying to become a billionaire, their mind understands that it’s up to you. If for a second, you think your success, your life, your happiness depends on others, then you no longer claim ownership over yourself and your life. That means you’re waiting for somebody else to basically take you somewhere that you don’t even know where it’s going to go. It’s almost like a beautiful wagon with beautiful horses [Unclear], but the rings are not in your hand. The horses are beautiful and the wagon is beautiful, but who knows where it’s going to end up. It might end up in any other place that you’re not controlling. Take control over your life by taking full responsibility, and understand that it’s only up to you to make a difference.

Kabbalah is just a method that I use to help people, it’s not that I’m teaching all the business people Kabbalah. I’m using that method which is 4,000 years old, but I’m not here to preach or to put spirituality in people because I don’t believe that it’s my place on any other person’s place. I’m using it in my teaching a lot because I believe that the inner personality of each person is built from something more than just physical. We have a soul and a body, and the soul basically represents happiness and love, because money cannot buy you happiness. It can buy you things that make you happy, but it’s not something that’ll last forever, it will last for five minutes. If you’re looking for happiness that lasts a little bit longer, you need to add a bit of spirituality and self-awareness into your mind. You need to add something, it cannot be just a physical thing. We all know the feeling of buying a new house or a new car, or getting to a new experience of something physical and beautiful. It lasts for a certain amount of time, two weeks or 10 days for some people, but fulfillment eventually disappear. We are looking for fulfillment that lasts, and for that we need a bit of understanding of the soul and the inner self. That’s where I bring Kabbalah into my business sessions when I work with people.

Let’s shift gears a little bit to another chapter of the book, which is about soulmates. It’s written in the old books from 2,000 years ago that when a person is married to a non-gift soulmate, it’s preparing that individual for the real soulmate. When a person is in a terrible marriage, the old books say to look at that marriage as a cleansing for preparation for the next one. Soulmates and relationships in spirituality, and also in business, are representing you. Because when you do business, you’re doing it the best you can, but there is a lot about politics, there’s a lot of drama, there’s a little manipulation. When it comes to your marriage, this is looking yourself in the mirror to see what’s going on. Because the real reflection of who you really are only works in your marriage. When your marriage is working, that’s when you’re doing something great. You cannot be happy just for being alone. I’m sorry if I’m upsetting some people out there, but the purpose of the universe is not to be alone. It doesn’t matter if you’re married or not married, but you have to have a partner. You have to have somebody in your life that you can truly share your life with, and sharing is with no agenda. Somebody that you give love to and they give you love, and when you receive the love from them, it’s for the sake of sharing. Like, if I’m receiving gifts from you, it’s because I know how much pleasure it’s giving you, and when you get from me you do the same. We have interaction of love, and through interaction of love, there is blessing. Because you cannot just be a billionaire on your private jet and be lonely and miserable. You want to have money but you also want to have love life. Love life has to be the 70% of your life. The money becomes almost like gasoline, but the oil that you put into the car is called love life.

You can find the book The Lucky Billionaire on Amazon as well. Also, my wife and me built a nonprofit organization called vitaltransformation.org. It’s a free site for people who want to study deep spirituality. You can just go there and there are about 400 hours of lectures for free. If you want to look for me, it’s EliyahuJian.com. You can find me also on YouTube, you can find me on Amazon. All of my lectures are out there and I hope I can help you.