December 15, 2021 – Land Land Brent Bowers, Havoc Shield Brian Fritton and YPO Christine Crawford

December 15, 2021 – Land Land Brent Bowers, Havoc Shield Brian Fritton and YPO Christine Crawford

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Brent Bowers – CEO of Zech Buys Houses LLC and Land Coach at The Land Sharks

I buy land at a discount. There is virtually no competition. I
usually get it a 50 cents on the dollar. Then I sell it to someone
that can make a done payment and a monthly payment. 

Brent Bowers is an investor and coach with a focus on buying and selling vacant land. As an Army Officer with over 8 years of service, Brent was spending a great deal of time away from his family, and he knew he needed to make some changes in order to be more present with his wife and children. In a short period of time, Brent was able to expand his business, hire a team, and (most importantly) spend quality time with his family while still working hard and helping others. While Brent invests in many different types of real estate, his favorite investment strategy deals with buying and selling vacant land, and he enjoys sharing his expertise in this area with his coaching clients. Brent chooses to live his life based on Bob Burg’s quote, “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.” He is passionate about helping other people find success in real estate investing, particularly in land investments.

Brian Fritton – CEO at Havoc Shield

As a small business, you are more likely to be successfully
cyber-attacked than your larger competitors. 

Brian Fritton has built products and led engineering, design, and IT teams at companies with credentials such as Fortune’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies, the Inc. 5000 List, and Entrepreneur’s 100 Most Brilliant Companies. He’s been the “guy in the hot seat” — responsible for defending a small business from cyberattacks — as a FinTech CTO at Patch of Land and the VP of Engineering for a critical political campaign and enterprise data science software maker. Brian brings the founder’s perspective to cybersecurity in an increasingly complicated and risk-filled environment. Brian is originally from the woods of northwest Michigan and got his bachelor’s degree in e-business from DePaul University, where he spent more time experimenting with different businesses than going to class.

Christine Crawford – 
Chair of Diversity and Inclusion Network at YPO

Christine Crawford managed about 300 employees in 7 McDonald’s restaurants, including a restaurant manager who won the Ray Kroc Award, ranking among the top 1%. Christine Crawford, ScD, is a fearless and strategic CEO with 15+ years of business leadership backed by Harvard scientific training that gives her an objective approach to challenges and solutions. Her expertise in talent management has supported her success as a leader in the very large, complex organization that is McDonald’s. She coaches CEOs to face, assess, and address blind spots and issues and supports them in framing and communicating issues in a way that mobilizes the team. As an advocate for visible and valued customers and employees, she is inspired by creating and encouraging environments where all are genuinely seen and heard. At YPO, she is a Founding Member Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Network in a global leadership community of more than 30,000 chief executives.