April 8, 2024 – Kid Taxi Nelson Nigel and NetWork Wise Adam Connors

April 8, 2024 – Kid Taxi Nelson Nigel and NetWork Wise Adam Connors

Nelson Nigel – Founder and CEO of Kidmoto Technology

I was so broke that I could only start this company with two car seats.
I said we will provide airport transportation with pre-installed kids car
seats. I started with two car seats and here we are six years later and
are a national organization.

Nelson Nigel

Nelson Nigel is the Founder and CEO of Kidmoto Technology. Back in 2016 Nelson as an Uber driver noticed that taxis and car services do not offer installed child car seats, and parents are helpless. He found a void in the transportation marketplace that Uber and Lyft have explicitly left open. Nelson created a mobile app to provide a convenient and safe alternative to lugging car seats to and from airports to change how parents travel with small children. Today, Kidmoto is a trusted brand that connects parents to a network of professionally trained drivers that provide airport transfers with secured child car seats for safe and convenient airport travel in 52 US cities. After operating for 6 years Kidmoto has over 40k completed rides, 40 part-time employees, 500 independent drivers nationwide, a 7-figure revenue for 2023 and valued at $25 million.

Adam Connors – Founder & CEO of NetWorkWise

I identify networking as taking a pro active approach to relationship
development with the mutual goal of benefiting another person. It’s
about transcending a connection into a relationship who ultimately
becomes your ally.

Adam Connors

Adam Connors is a sought-after speaker, social architect, podcast host, author and super-connector who has transformed lives and accelerated the careers of thousands of people. He’s the Founder & CEO of NetWorkWise, a business platform that expedites outcomes for people through training in the art and science of personal and professional networking. Adam is also the founder of the NetWorkWise Certified Professional™, a certification that credentials someone as a leading expert in building world-class relationships. An entrepreneur at heart, Adam has spent over 20 years starting & building companies across a variety of industries. His sole focus these days is teaching people how to NetWorkWise.