May 12, 2021 – Kickfurther Sean De Clercq and Cinergy Financial Founder Cindy Couyoumjian 

May 12, 2021 – Kickfurther Sean De Clercq and Cinergy Financial Founder Cindy Couyoumjian 

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Sean De Clercq – CEO of Kickfurther  

Walking away from a half a million dollar deal, when the
business was just four months old was probably the
hardest decision of my life.

Sean De Clercq is the CEO of Kickfurther, the first inventory funding platform for physical product brands. He founded the company to help product brands purchase inventory to meet demand and trajectory without being limited by cash on hand, and improve margin by unlocking volume-ordering discounts. He began his career in supply-chain management company and later growing a merchandising firm where he encountered the financing issues that would inspire founding Kickfurther.  He attended the Boomtown Accelerator and in addition to running Kickfurther, Sean also works as an Entrepreneur Mentor at Rutgers Business School.

Cindy Couyoumjian – Founder of Cinergy Financial

Your financial future is based on your knowledge because
there are no more pensions. The research says that three
percent of Americans get a pension, so don’t rely on your employer!

Cindy Couyoumjian is the founder of Cinergy Financial. She is a certified financial planner practitioner with 35 years of experience in the financial industry. She holds numerous securities licenses including her FINRA Series 63, 6, 65, 7, 22, 24, 26 and 31. Cindy is the architect behind the REALM investment portfolio, which is an innovative multi-asset-class portfolio that is both flexible and customizable to each individual investor. Beyond the numerous financial services Cindy offers, she is also an educator and motivational speaker. When she is not meeting with clients, you may find her giving her monthly lectures and seminars on such groundbreaking topics as the Google Mind, the Gilded Age, and the Moral Imperative of Financial Literacy. Cindy is also the host of two weekly radio shows on financial literacy on AM870 KRLA and 790AM KABC every Sunday.