June 28, 2013 – Creativity Learner Alka Dalal & 59 and Broke WL Laney

June 28, 2013 – Creativity Learner Alka Dalal & 59 and Broke WL Laney

Broadcast June 28,  2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Alka Dalal– Author of CREATIVE GENIUS: Tips to Unleash Yours

Alka Dalal believes that today, more than ever, it is possible to use the talents you have in brand new ways and discover hidden creativity to give back to the world (while making yourself wealthy, of course). She helps use the same techniques that she used to launch her own career to help her clients boost their following. This episode, she comes on to share with our listeners the skinny on what she usually shares with our audience! Listen and learn on this episode of School for Startups Radio!

WL Laney- Owner of WLLaney.com

The start of WL Laney’s story is a tough one, and, unfortunately, it is the kind of story that most entrepreneurs can identify with at some point in their life. WL was 59 and bankrupt with a home in foreclosure. He was cutting coupons so that he could buy groceries while still keeping the lights on at home. It was during this moment his ‘ah-ha’ moment came, inspiring him to create a product that can restore scissors to their factory condition, a claim his competition cannot make even today. Now, he has developed a speaking and writing career that is helping people make the same changes in their life that he was able to make in his.