June 25, 2013 – Bourbon and Boots Matt Price, Pinterest Guru Kyla Brennan & Success Shadow Howard Calhoun

June 25, 2013 – Bourbon and Boots Matt Price, Pinterest Guru Kyla Brennan & Success Shadow Howard Calhoun

Broadcast June 25, 2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Matt Price-Founder of Bourbon and Boots

Imagine a store that makes the difficulties of gift shopping a thing of the past. Well, Matt Price has created just this. Their website is a store featuring items that have been found in every nook and cranny that is not a big box retailer, making even the most mundane of items INTERESTING! It’s where the uniqueness of yard sales meets the quality of big box retail. Check out Matt’s story and a little of what he has been up to today!

Kyla Brennan- CEO of HelloSociety and our Pinterest Guru!

Kyla Brennan’s job is to be amazing at Pinterest. More specifically, it is her job to be amazing at Pinterest in order to propagate and establish your brand on the frontiers of social media. Pinterest is a relatively new social media phenomenon, and mastering it to boost your brand may place an unsustainable demand on your time. The benefits of this type of marketing are proven and cost efficient, and HelloSociety helps you access that benefit! Listen in for a couple freebies on small steps you can take to make Pintrest work for you.

Howard Calhoun of  In the Shadow of Sacrifice

Born amid poverty, illiteracy, and abuse, Howard lived as a sharecropper’s son and spent many of his early years moving from shack to shack. Saddled with insulting employment opportunities and a serious stuttering problem, he amazingly became an owner of several businesses with a workforce that numbers in the hundreds! In the Shadow of Sacrifice is his story and shows by example how to minimize the significance of life’s challenges by presenting them as necessary ingredients in a strong and healthy development. The book reveals his impoverished youth, the one quirky life-changing intervention that started his path to college, and many thoughtful and humorous narratives that will convince the most skeptical to welcome the most difficult problems that life presents.